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This is a nice early horned gramophone with the name "Dulcephone". The name was used in conjunction with "Decca" for
Here is a very attractive smaller horned gramophone of typically continental design. Probably from Germany and imported into the UK
# Here is an early Decca portable gramophone from about 1918, the Model No.2. Decca made their name during the
Here is an unusual early portable gramophone advertised and marketed in about 1920 by The Murdoch Trading Company, Clerkenwell Road,
Here is an original horned gramophone from about 1910. Called the "Robeyphone" . Many similar horned gramophones were imported from
From about 1890 Edison and other companies produced phonographs that played cylinders of recorded music and speech. The original cylinders
In about 1926, The Gramophone Company (HMV) produced some very good table gramophones in wood cases, usually in oak or
Here is one of the classic "Must Have" miniature gramophones for serious collectors, the "Mikiphone".". . Produced in Switzerland in
Here is a good example of the miniature gramophone produced by the Swiss Thorens Company in about 1931. These small
Here is another example of the very popular HMV Model 102 portable gramophone, this time from about 1931. In this
The “Guiniphone” Gramophone The “Guiniphone” or “Guinea Portable” was made by  Vickers Armstrong Ltd. and retailed by The Guinea Portable
After WW1 and in the 1920s there was a great demand for gramophones as a source of entertainment and to
Louis Armstrong, one of the great pioneers of Jazz. I have, probably, the largest selection of Jazz, Swing and Dance