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Swiss Horned Gramophone
Here is a basic horned gramophone from about 1910. It has no well known name and comes under the heading
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Columbia Model 112A Portable
HMV and Columbia gramophones were the main producers of gramophones from 1900 until they amalgamated to become EMI in 1931.
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Decca Portable Gramophone
Decca gramophones were made in the UK by Barnett Samuel Company. The company started production in 1914. Many of the
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“Sonora” Table Gramophone
The gramophone is of high quality, in a mahogany case and with  a double spring motor, 12″ turntable and original
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Edison Blue Amberols
Collectors of phonographs will know how hard it is to find items worth playing  on their machines. Phonograph cylinders were
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Sound-box Diaphragms
I have recently found some very desirable unused original old-stock aluminium sound-box diaphragms. The ones pictured are fluted and with
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Needle Tins
      Here are a selection of needle tins that were available to customers from the early 1900s. They
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Replacement backs for HMV 5A/5B/ No.4 sound-boxes
Increasingly HMV gramophones from the 1930s are turning up with 5A or 5B sound-boxes that have suffered damage due to
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Louis Armstrong
Jazz and Swing Records
I have (probably) the largest collection of Jazz, Swing and Dance recordings on 78s available for sale in the South
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