The “Colibri” Miniature Gramophone

The “Colibri” Miniature Gramophone

Created by on August 4, 2019

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This Is the smallest of the variety of miniature gramophones that were offered for sale in the 1920s. The Colibri was made in Belgium but the motor and other components were probably made in Switzerland. The case is only 12cm x 9cm x 9cm.

The Colibri has an all-metal case covered in Rexene and the component parts are stored inside. When opened, the tone-arm lifts up attached to a metal plate that is held then in place by a swivel bar that makes the top of a compartment that acts as the sounding box for the gramophone. A small door in the side opens the compartment to let the sound out. Despite its small size the gramophone is quite heavy as it has a good motor with a spring capable of playing a 10″ record which has to be bolted down to the tiny turntable with a left hand threaded nut.

This gramophone is in good condition with only minor loss of plating to the telescopic tone-arm. It plays surprising well with the original sound-box. The leather carry-handle has been replaced but a real bonus for collectors is that it has the original leather carry-case that is rarely seen.

Price £370.00 (RESERVED)

Carriage with DPD (Next day) £25 and with my Hermes £15