“Robeyphone” Horned Gramophone

“Robeyphone” Horned Gramophone

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Here is an original horned gramophone from about 1910. Called the “Robeyphone” . Many similar horned gramophones were imported from Germany and Switzerland at that time, but this one was advertised in the “Sound-Wave” magazine as being “ALL BRITISH”. It has an oak case and a large embossed steel horn decorated in shades of red.

The gramophone was offered for sale by mail order for a 4/6 deposit by Charles T Robey Ltd. Coventry.

The gramophone, is simple to use, and plays well with a strong motor and effective sound-box. It comes with 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required. It would have to be collected in person from TR8 5SE.

Price £450.00