Created by John Sleep on Wednesday 3rd of October 2018 06:48:51 PM

Tango Two Dancing toy for gramophones £45

Record duster. J.Calderon Cairo etc. £12

Fullotone record duster. With magnetic needle “picker-upper” £18

Gilbert (Sheffield) Record duster £24

Goldring record duster £10

HMV round record duster. £30

Thorn needle sharpener £15

Record duster. Harris Osborne Ltd. Paignton. £16

Selection of “IM” thorn needle sharpeners £15 each (Mainly boxed)


HMV Speed Tester. £45

If any of these items are of interest to you, you can email me

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HMV bamboo needle cutter (boxed) and with instructions £45. Works well.



Two/Four minute gear adaption for the Edison Gem phonograph. £40

Winder for the HMV Model 101 portable gramophone £12

Winder for the HMV 102 portable gramophone £12

Winder for Columbia gramophones. Short length. £12



Large HMV oval duster  (worn) £25