Bits and Pieces

Here you will find accessories and odds and ends that I have for sale. For any enquires please email

An engineer colleague has managed to produce a few more of the backplates that fit the HMV No.5A or 5B
This is a rare 78 produced by the Australian Travel Association. Side one and the cover sleeve refer to the
It's really annoying when the winder for your gramophone goes missing or was not there when purchased! Here are few
Gramophone and Phonograph References I am frequently asked about the origins and history of the talking machines that turn up
There are many different types of sound-boxes. Ideally the one for your gramophone should be the original one with the
Gramophone sound-boxes have a mica or metal diaphragm supported around the edge. In most sound-boxes thin rubber tubing is used
There are two main types of fibre needles, Thorn needles and Bamboo needles. Both are basically hardened wooden needles that
This is a patent needle cutter for bamboo needles. Fibre needles can be re-sharpened several times so are rightly referred
Here is an opportunity to acquire a rare and unique book by Brian Rust. Brian Rust is probably bet known
Here are some boxed sets of unused needles. Two unopened boxes contain tins of "Songster" needles. They are marked "medium
I have a number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, in good condition. These records are from the early