Bits and Pieces.

Here you will find accessories and odds and ends that I have for sale. For any enquires please email

This is a small selection of two minute wax cylinders that I bought recently.They are mainly in their original boxes.
Many collectors prefer to use fibre (wooden) needles to play their treasured records. Wooden needles, that are either made from
When records are played, they can build up dust in the surface. Several dusters/cleaners are available to cope with that.
Getting the turntable speed right is important as it affects the pitch of the sound, especially noticeable for music.. For
Here is a very nice example of the HMV model 102 portable gramophone from about 1935. It is in very
It's really annoying when the winder for your gramophone goes missing or was not there when purchased! Here are few
Here are four trays of needle tins with prices. You can select a tin by choosing a tray number and
Here is an opportunity to buy a replacement mainspring for your wind-up gramophone. These are unused old stock springs, boxed.
There are many different types of sound-boxes. Ideally the one for your gramophone should be the original one with the
Gramophone sound-boxes have a mica or metal diaphragm supported around the edge. In most sound-boxes thin rubber tubing is used
I have a number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, in good condition. These records are from the early
Bamboo needles have a triangular cross section and fit into sound-boxes with a triangular hole to match this. To re-sharpen