Bits and Pieces

Here you will find accessories and odds and ends that I have for sale. For any enquires please email

Here is a list of two minute wax cylinders that I bought recently. They are mainly in their own original
Here is a chance to buy a complete unused original set of Swiss Made "Melograph Salon" trailer needles in their
Some of the more interesting tins produced for wind-up gramophones in the 20s and 30s are the "Pyramid" tins. As
"Nipper" the Fox Terrier features in, probably, the best known advert of all time as used in The Gramophone Company's
This is a rare opportunity to buy some of the very best of thorn needles. The IM fibre needles were
It's really annoying when the winder for your gramophone goes missing or was not there when purchased! Here are few
There are many different types of sound-boxes. Ideally the one for your gramophone should be the original one with the
Gramophone sound-boxes have a mica or metal diaphragm supported around the edge. In most sound-boxes thin rubber tubing is used
There are two main types of fibre needles, Thorn needles and Bamboo needles. Both are basically hardened wooden needles that
Here are two boxed sets of unused "Songster" needles. Both are marked "medium tone" needles but in different types of
I have a large number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, mostly in their original boxes and in good