Decca Model 44 Portable Gramophone

Decca Model 44 Portable Gramophone

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Decca 44 Portable Gramophone

The Decca Company produced interesting gramophones from the time of the First WW, when they made their name by producing portable gramophones that could be sent off to the front to entertain the troops. Although not actually the first portable gramophones, they gained that reputation. Early models had the “Bowl in the lid” design and Decca stuck with this reflex idea for several years with various modifications.
The model 44 attempted to improve on this concept by winding  a  tube from the tone -arm inside the case before emerging at a modified bowl and hence effectively  increasing the length of the horn. The tone arm even extends further into the lid with a folding trap-door. The result is increased volume and an interesting design.

                The gramophone plays well with a good  “Crescendo” sound-box that Decca often used in its machines.

Price £120.00

Delivery with DPD (Next day) £30 and with Hermes £15