Ordering Gramophone Needles

Using a clean sharp gramophone needle is important when playing your valued 78s. The needle controls the volume and can affect the working of the motor. Changing to a new needle frequently is essential. It is best to change the needle for each new side played, but you may get away with two or three playings before real damage is done. The point of the needle goes to the bottom of the groove and the polished side of the needle comes into contact with the recording as vibrations on the groove side. If the needle is old it becomes “chisel ended” and that can cause damage to the groove and hence ruin the record.

Some gramophone needles are becoming difficult to source, these include “extra soft tone” needles and both types of fibre needles, bamboo and thorn. Modern versions of the fibre needles are often not hard enough to play through a regular 78 and supplies of original, unused stock are running out fast.

The current prices are as follows:

  • £5 for 100
  • £14 for 300
  • £22 for 500
  • £40 for 1000

These prices include postage within the UK.
Customers from outside the UK, please send me an email with your order and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the total cost including postage.

UK customers can use this method too if preferred.  Steel needles are supplied only in packets of 100 needles (I can’t supply split packets).

Please note that the prices quoted are for new steel needles only. Fibre needles are harder to source and are sold in packets of 10 needles for £5 including postage.
Steel Gramophone Needles can be supplied in FOUR “tones” which allows you to control the volume produced.

  • Extra Soft Tone, the quietest needle to play your records. (Diameter 0.8mm)
  • Soft tone for reduced volume (recommended as it cuts down damage to the record and drag for the motor). (Diameter 1.07mm)
  • Medium Tone (usually requested) for normal use. (Diameter 1.34mm)
  • Loud Tone for increased volume. (but also increased drag) (Diameter 1.6mm)

You can use the PayPal link below to order needles, but for mixtures of tones, please send me an email with your request and I will send you a PayPal invoice for payment.

Other payment methods

PayPal – The safer and easier way to pay online or you can pay by cheque if you prefer.
Please make cheques payable to “M.J.Sleep” and Not “John Sleep Gramophones”

My postal address is:
John Sleep, Stoke House, West Pentire, Crantock, Cornwall. UK TR8 5SE

Telephone number: 01637 830 415
Mobile number: 07979 097 389
e-mail address is:

you can use the PayPal link below to order needles or just email me with your request.


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