Mikiphone Miniature Gramophone

Mikiphone Miniature Gramophone

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Here is one of the classic “Must Have” miniature gramophones for serious collectors, the “Mikiphone”.”. .

Produced in Switzerland in the early 1920s it was brought to the UK in 1926 and was one of the smallest gramophones on the market. When closed up the gramophone looks like a large pocket watch at 4.5″ across but opens out and can play a 10″ 78 on a 4 inch turntable held in place by a metal plug.

The resonator (amplifier!) is a two piece plastic device that fits together and is attached directly onto the sound-box.

This example is in very good condition and the gramophone plays well, however it is accepted that, on a full wind , a Mikiphone can ony just play through a 10″ record and often does not make it. Plays a 5″ or 7″ record satisfactorily.

Price £420.00 plus p&p