“Pixie Grippa” Miniature Gramophone.

“Pixie Grippa” Miniature Gramophone.

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The “Pixie Grippa” is one of the smaller gramophones produced in the early 1920s. It was made available by the Vernon Lockwood Company who used the name “Perophone” for many of its models.

Although this small gramophone is less than half the size of standard portables of the time, it has a full sized motor and larger records can be played by sliding out the motor-board to accommodate them. The tone-arm is fixed to a folding platform that is raised for playing and held in place with a sprung leg, the metal cavity underneath acts as the horn. The unique feature of the gramophone is the supplementary small aluminium horn that fits onto the reverse side of the sound-box. This horn is often missing with examples of this gramophone but the original is present in this case.

The gramophone is in good condition and plays well. The labels and logo inside the case lid are an good shape.

Price £320.00 plus p&p