Pixie Grippa Miniature Gramophone

Pixie Grippa Miniature Gramophone

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The “Pixie Grippa” Miniature Gramophone.

The Pixie Grippa is one of the family of miniature gramophones produced in the 1920s but is not one of the so-called “Cameraphones” like the Peter Pan or Excelda. It was produced by the Vernon Lockwood Company and formed part of the family of “Perophones”

                The Pixie Grippa measures only 27 x 20 x 12 cm but, despite the small 6” turntable, can play a 12” 78 by pulling out the motor-board to increase size. The tone-arm with sound-box attached its on a platform that lifts up and is held there by a folding leg. The space under the platform acts as the sounding chamber but a small supplementary horn attaches to the sound-box to give extra volume. (However it doesn’t actually do so!).

This example has been much restored and the folding tone-arm re-fashioned. The original tone-arm was made from “pot-metal” alloy that had crumbled. In addition the small horn is a more modern replica. However the motor is in good order and the gramophone plays surprisingly well. The overall condition is good and the logos in the case lid are clear and undamaged.

Price £180.00