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Special Gramophone Needles

Here are selection of unused old sock of special gramophone needles. As a rule steel gramophone needles are used once then replaced, but these are “Long Play” needles that play several sides before needing to be changed. The Columbia Chromium Long Play needles are supposed to be able to play 60 sides. Of course these […]

Gramohone Sound-Boxes

There are many different types of sound-boxes. Ideally the one for your gramophone should be the original one with the same logo as the gramophone itself, however it is often necessary to find a replacement sound-box or to upgrade the one you have. There are two main types of sound-box, the standard one as found […]

Gasket Rubber Tubing

Gramophone sound-boxes have a mica or metal diaphragm supported around the edge. In most sound-boxes thin rubber tubing is used as the support and as rubber tends to perish and become harder with age, the gaskets need to be replaced from time to time. The tubing used nowadays tends to be made from a modern […]

Pyramid Needle Tins

Some of the more interesting tins produced for wind-up gramophones in the 20s and 30s are the “Pyramid” tins. As with the more usual tins there are different colours for a variety of needles of different tones and uses. The picture shows a small selection of tins in good condition but also some really rare […]

Columbia Bamboo Cutter

This is a scissors type of cutter for bamboo (fibre) needles, with its original box. Price £55

Gramophone Company Soundbox

Here is a very rare Gramophone Company “Exhibition” soundbox, made in the USA. In its original “Nipper” embossed box, and uniquely fitted with two needle holes. One to accept round needles and another to take triangular section bamboo needles. £115

Bamboo Needle Cutter

This is a very unusual and rare bamboo needle cutter by HMV.Quite unlike the usual HMV cutters. Possibly made in the US or Canada. £78