Category: Accessories

Record cleaners.

When records are played, they can build up dust in the surface. Several dusters/cleaners are available to cope with that.

Bamboo (Fibre) needle sharpeners

Bamboo needles have a triangular cross-section so fit into sound-boxes with the appropriate triangular hole,. However there are some unused old stock bamboo needles that are sold with a rounded shank so that they can be used in standard sound-boxes. The bamboo needles are re-sharpened by slicing a section off the end after use. This […]

Thorn “Fibre” needle sharpeners

Many collectors prefer to use fibre (wooden) needles to play their treasured records. Wooden needles, that are either made from thorn wood or bamboo, do not wear the record surface in the way that steel needles do and produce little or no surface noise when playing. Fibre needles can be re-sharpened many times before discarding, […]

Gramophone Needle Tins

Here are four trays of needle tins with prices. You can select a tin by choosing a tray number and then the row A,B,C,D and column 1,2,3,4. So that, for example, the green “Meritone” tin at £14 would be Tray 2, Row C, Column 3. (2.C,3)

Replacement back-plates for the HMV No.5A and No.4 sound-boxes.

An engineer colleague has managed to produce a few more of the backplates that fit the HMV No.5A or 5B and No.4 sound-boxes. More and more of the originals are suffering from pot-metal decay and develop cracks , especially around the locating pin but also more generally. The pot-metal alloy swells with age and this […]

Gramophone winding handles

It’s really annoying when the winder for your gramophone goes missing or was not there when purchased! Here are few original winders for HMV gramophones. HMV winders for the following gramophones some are suitable for more than one machine. Models; 101 (portable), 103 and 104 (Table models ), 109 (Table model) , Model 11 cabinet. […]

Blue Amberol Phonograph Cylinders

I have a number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, in good condition. These records are from the early part of the 20th century and were a great improvement on the original wax cylinders that played for only two minutes. The Blue Amberols played for four minutes and were made of celluloid and much […]

Gramohone Sound-Boxes

There are many different types of sound-boxes. Ideally the one for your gramophone should be the original one with the same logo as the gramophone itself, however it is often necessary to find a replacement sound-box or to upgrade the one you have. There are two main types of sound-box, the standard one as found […]

Gasket Rubber Tubing

Gramophone sound-boxes have a mica or metal diaphragm supported around the edge. In most sound-boxes thin rubber tubing is used as the support and as rubber tends to perish and become harder with age, the gaskets need to be replaced from time to time. The tubing used nowadays tends to be made from a modern […]