Gramohone Sound-Boxes

Gramohone Sound-Boxes

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There are many different types of sound-boxes. Ideally the one for your gramophone should be the original one with the same logo as the gramophone itself, however it is often necessary to find a replacement sound-box or to upgrade the one you have.

There are two main types of sound-box, the standard one as found on most UK machines in which the end of the tone-arm plugs into the sound-box (Type 1) and the “Continental” type in which a tube at the back of the sound-box plugs into the end of the tone-arm which has an enlarged spring end to accept it. (Type 2)
In the picture type 1 is on the left and type 2 on the right

I have a number of replacement sound-boxes available. The first is an HMV No.4 (boxed) and in excellent condition and with a brass back, £65.00

The second is an HMV No.5A box in very good condition and with a quality replacement backplate. £65.00

A really good replacement sound-box is the “Orchorsol”. This one has a universal fitting, rather like the “Meltrope”. Once voted the best sound-box available. £75.00

HMV No.5B in very good condition and boxed. £80

Large size “Decca” sound-box. Type 1 fitting. £35.00

Rare and important HMV “Exhibition” sound-box for early HMV machines £75.00

“Gilbert” (Sheffield) sound-box with Mother-of-Pearl front. Type 2 fit. £30.00

Replacement sound-box with Type 2 fit. £20.00

Very nice “Edison-Bell” sound-box with type 1 fitting. £40.00