Blue Amberol Phonograph Cylinders

Blue Amberol Phonograph Cylinders

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Two different Blue Amberol boxes

I have a number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, in good condition. These records are from the early part of the 20th century and were a great improvement on the original wax cylinders that played for only two minutes. The Blue Amberols played for four minutes and were made of celluloid and much less fragile. Early phonographs needed a bolt on gear-box to play these new cylinders at the correct speed and a finer sapphire stylus to engage with the narrower grooves. Later phonographs were made to play four minute cylinders only, but despite the improvements in quality and especially in the content of the recordings, the introduction of disc recordings meant that cylinder recordings and machines were fazed out by about 1920.
I am offering these cylinder records at £6 each plus p&p. All are in original boxes, but some are minus lids. Please check the current list of new cylinders aquired recently.

Newly acquired Cylinders 1.3.23


Oh dry those tears                                                                       Helen Stanley                                   28218

Maria Padilla duet                                                                       Clarinet & Flute                               2080

Songs of Scotland (1)                                                                  Band                                                   2282

From Maine to Oregon March                                                  band                                                   2144

Excelsior                                                                                         Pike & Dawson                                23091

Old Comrades                                                                               US Marine Band                              1766

Praise Ye Atilla                                                                              Bohumir Kryl Band                          2054

Belle of New York etc. marches                                                NY Military Band                             1638

Premier Polka (Cornet)                                                               Arthur Whitcomb                            2111

Bonnie Scotland (Concertina)                                                   Alexander Prince                             23176

The bubble                                                                                     Emory Randolph                              2211

Gold ad Silver Waltz                                                                    Band                                                   2034

Quartette from Rigoletto                                                          Frank Croxton                                  1528

The wibbly wobbly walk                                                             Jack Charman                                   23036

Tell her I love her so                                                                   Charles Compton                            23039

Only a faded rose                                                                        Stanley Kirkby                                  23082

Somewhere                                                                                   Irving Gilette                                    1772

Virginia Reel                                                                                  Band                                                   2063

The way the wind blows                                                                           Stanley Kirkby                                  23234

Lancashire clogs (banjo)                                                             Olly Oakley                                       23036

When I lost you                                                                            Irving Gilette                                    1738

Buck dance medley (accordeon)                                              John Kimmble                                   2384

Farewell Marguerite                                                                    Charles Harrison                              2083

The Nightingale (piccolo)                                                           Henry Heidelberg                           2149

Jolly Fellows waltz                                                                       Sousa’s band                                    1878

Forgotten melodies (Concertina)                                            Alexander Prince                             23128

My Southern Maid                                                                       S. Kirkby                                             23244

Eideweiss and Almenrausch                                                      Venetian trio                                    1581

Where the sunset turns the ocean’s blue to gold               Byron Harlan                                    1765

Italian Army march (accordion)                                                Deiro                                                  1774

Father of Victory March                                                             Band                                                   23226

Romance from L’éclair                                                               Venetian Inst trio                            2102

My Sweetheart Waltz (Accordion)                                           Diero                                                  1955

Mikado waltz                                                                                Band                                                   23053

Nora McNamara                                                                          Emmett                                              2338

Just for today                                                                                Christine Miller                                28202

The Boys of The Old Brigade march                                        Band                                                   23085

Boxed but without lids

Just for today                                                                                Christine Miller                                234202

Hawaiian Dreams                                                                         Waikiki Orch                                     3267

Little Boy Blue                                                                               Elizabeth Spencer                           1757

The lawn swing                                                                             Christine Miller                                28194

Love’s Old Sweet Song                                                               Christine Miller                                28107

Flower of Hawaii                                                                          Palakiko’s Hawaiian Orch               4634

Sing me the Rosary                                                                      Gillette & Chorus                            2222

The Boys of the Old Brigade March                                         Ban d                                                  23085

My young man is not a chocolate soldier                              Billy Williams                                    23024#

Then you’ll remember me                                                         Hackett                                              1801

She’s dancing her heart away                                                  Romain                                              2310

Bedouin love song                                                                       Brazell                                                23171

Serenade                                                                                        Venetian Inst. Qrt                           1928

Sing us a song of Bonnie Scotland                                           Stanley Kirkby                                  23135

Spirit of Independence march                                                  Band                                                   1612     


OLDER STOCK-  ALL BOXED and with lids

Gems of Wales                                                                             Band                                    23344

Valse des Fleurs                                                                            Band                                    23281

The deathless army                                                                     KInniburgh                          23057

Casse Noisette dances    (1)                                                       Band                                    23151

Casse Noisette dances   (2)                                                        band                                    23181

Sel.  Gondoliers                                                                             Band                                    23170

Excelsior                                                                                         Pike & Dawson                 23091

74th Regiment march                                                                  Band                                   4712

Gems of Scotland                                                                         Band                                    23343

Christmas at sea                                                                           Band & Male chorus        23150

Roses                                                                                              Williamson                         23159

Time will always bring forgiveness                                          Compton                            23224

Blue Danube waltz                                                                      American orch                  1750

Gold and silver waltz                                                                   Band                                    4034

Regimental marches (3)                                                             Band                                    23020

Come where my love lies dreaming                                        Knickerbo9cker Qt           1933

Over the waves waltz                                                                 Band                                    1506

The lost chord                                                                               Miller                                   2106

Kamehameha (Guitar duet)                                                       Louise &Ferera                 2045

I’ll sing thee songs of Araby                                                       Clay                                     28213

Nita Gitana                                                                                    Miller                                   1520

The Missouri waltz                                                                      Jaudas Soc                         2950

The rosary                                                                                      E. Spencer & KQ               1525

Sel Rigoletto (2)                                                                            Am. S.O                              5509

Manhattan beach etc, marches                                                Sousa’s Band                     1711

Parted                                                                                             Hollinshead                        28201

Country dances (violin)                                                               Jaudas                                 1716

Les deus pigeons                                                                          Band                                    23076

Pretty Dick polka                                                                          Band                                    3939

I want to be down home in Dixie                                             Harlan & Coillins               23075

The last rose of summer                                                                            Marie Rappolo                  28193-

The Choristers waltz                                                                   Alhambra orch                  23025

Triumphal march                                                                          Band                                    23332

Poet & Peasant Ovt.                                                                    American S O                    3556

Serenade (Moszkowski)                                                              Venetian Qt                       1926

The flash of steel                                                                          Band                                    23020