Blue Amberol Phonograph Cylinders

Blue Amberol Phonograph Cylinders

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I have a large number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, mostly in their original boxes and in good condition. These records are from the early part of the 20th century and were a great improvement on the original wax cylinders that played for only two minutes. The Blue Amberols played for four minutes and were made of celluloid and much less fragile. Early phonographs needed a bolt on gear-box to play these new cylinders at the correct speed and a finer sapphire stylus to engage with the narrower grooves. Later phonographs were made to play four minute cylinders only, but despite the improvements in quality and especially in the content of the recordings, the introduction of disc recordings meant that cylinder recordings and machines were fazed out by about 1920.
I am offering these cylinder records at £5 each plus p&p and will attach lists of current stock. I am very lax about updating these lists, so they may occasionally be inaccurate!

Blue Amberols 

Monte Christo                                                   Instr.  Quartette                                                               1768

Easter Fantasia                                                  Peerless Orch.                                                                   3691

Eleanore                                                              Macklin                                                                                23319

Kathleen Mavoureen                                     E. Pike                                                                                   23209

O flower of all the World                               Macklin                                                                                23187

Turn my Picture                                                Spencer & van Brunt                                                       1609

When the Daffidols are blooming              Mixed Quartette                                                              2632

The Angels Serenade                                     Margaret Keyes                                                                28109

ST. John 14 & Home on High                        Rev Peters                                                                          2306

In the Golden Afterwhile                              Peerless Quartet                                                              2012

Rococo’s Intermezzo                                      Vecsey & Orch                                                                   4993

Rainbow                                                              Jones & Murray                                                                1884

Song of the Mill                                                 Spencer                                                                               2261

Hejre Kati                                                            Moss Squire Orch                                                             23231

Dream Faces                                                      Spencer                                                                               1850

Dreams of Galiliee                                           Mixed Quartet                                                                  2204

A Perfect day                                                     Metro quartet                                                                   2368

Goodbye                                                             Mme Anitario                                                                    28214

The old Oaken Bucket                                    Knickerbocker Quartet                                                  2046

It’s nice when you love a Wee Lasssie      H. Lauder                                                                             1820

Gioodbye till we meet again                        H. Lauder                                                                             1818

Stradella Ovt.                                                     Ed. Concert Band                                                              764

Beyond the Smiling & the Weeping          Peerless Orch.                                                                   2440

A Dream (Cornet solo)                                   Ernst Couturier                                                                 2119

Spring of Love                                                   Venetian Instr. Quartet                                                 2473

Snow Deer                                                          Jones & Murray                                                                2021

Domino Noir Ovt.                                             Grde. Repl                                                                           27060

Eidelweiss  & Almenrausch                          Venetian Trio                                                                     1581

Face to face                                                        Helen Clark                                                                         2042

Donna Juanita                                                   Creatore Band                                                                   3611

Fantaisie sur Rip                                               Garde Rep.                                                                         27126

Muleteer of Malaga                                        Kinniburgh                                                                          23018

Berceuse – Jocelyn (Cello)                            H.  Sandby                                                                          28220

The Vacant chair                                               Spencer                                                                               1713

Lustspiel Ovt.                                                     Ed. C.Band.                                                                         1573

Parted                                                                  Macklin                                                                                23087

Softly awakes my Heart (Cornet)               Sgt. Leggett                                                                        23185

The Rose oMf the Mountain Trail                               Archibald                                                             2388

Thora                                                                    P. Dawson                                                                           23002

Massa’s in de cold cold ground                                   Metro Quartette                                              2447

Regimental Marches (3)                                                N.M.B                                                                   23020


Bells of St Malo                                                                 N.M.B                                                                   23013

Burial of Sir John Moore                                                Bransby Williams                                              23031

Menuet (Paderewski)                                                    Am. St. Orch.                                                      1558

Praeludium                                                                         N.M.B.                                                                  23041

On Parade (Medley)                                                       Fife & Drums                                                      1804

Better Land                                                                                         Sleggett (Cornet)                             23200

Lorena                                                                                                  Metro. Quart.                                    2400

The Mocking Bird                                                                             Daab (Xylophone)                           1514

Over the Waves (Waltz)                                                                Band                                                      1506

Pinafore Airs No.3                                                                            Ed. Light Opera Co.                          1892

Love and Devotion                                                                          Ven, Instrl. Trio                                  1748

Sweet Longing                                                                                   Ven. Instr. Trio                                   2061

Rocked in the cradle of the deep                                               Croxton                                                1517

I want to go back to Michegan                                                    Murray & Chorus                             250739

Molly Dear Waltz                                                                              Jaudas Soc.Orch.                              3278

Medley of Plantation Songs                                                         Band                                                      1538

Quartette from Rigoletto                                                              Croxton Quartette                           1528

Heimweh                                                                                            Ven. Inst. Quart.                               1604

The Peerless Minstrels                                                                  Peerless Quartette                          Special K

Forgotten melodies                                                                        Prince (Concertina)                         23128

Light as a Feather                                                                            Daab (Bells)                                        1508

The Flying Squadron                                                                       N.M. Band                                           23345

Sing to me in the Gloaming                                                          Kinniburgh                                          23103

On Parade Medley                                                                          Fife & Drums                                      1304

Regimental Marches No.3                                                            N.M.Band                                           23020

The Volunteer Organist                                                                 P.Dawson                                            23026

Hejre Kati                                                                                            Orchestra                                            23231

Pinafore Airs No.2                                                                            ED. Light Opera Co.                         1891

Indianola                                                                             N.Y.Mil.Band                                                      3491

I like it   (Medley)                                                             Landberg’s Riverside orch.                           4067

Cho Cho San                                                                       Conrad’s orch.                                                   4356

A Baby in Love                                                                   Club de Vingt orch.                                          4354

It must be someone like you                                       Club de Vingt orch.                                          4372

Humming                                                                            Orlando’s orch.                                                 4245

Genius loci                                                                          String Quintette                                               2577

Burial of Sir John Moore                                                Br. Williams                                                         23031

Russian Air & Belgium Nat. Anthem                         Band                                                                      2483

Star of my soul                                                                  D. Brazell                                                             23208

Old Black Joe                                                                     Knickerboker Quartet                                    1865

When I met you last night                                             Clark & Skedden                                              1627

The Ould Plaid Shawl                                                      KInniburgh                                                          23160

Medley pf country dances                                            E.A.Jaudas (Violin)                                           1716      


Bedouin love song                                                           A. Middleton                                                     28207

Moonlight Bay                                                                   Premier Quartet                                               1848

Scenes that are the brightest                                      Henton (Sax)                                                Special E   

Goodbye till we meet again                                         H.Lauder                                                              1818 x2

This is the life                                                                     B.Murray & Chorus                                         2375

With sword and lance. March.                                    N.M.B.                                                                  23074

John Bull’s Catechism                                                     A.Crane & Chorus                                            23369

Goodbye Summer…                                                        Premier Quartet                                               2031

Roses                                                                                    H.Williamson                                                      23159

The Star of Bethlehem                                                   H.Williamson                                                      23145

At the Mermaid’s fancy Ball                                         B.Murray                                                             2313

Bells of London. March                                                  N.M.B.                                                                  23096

If I must say farewell…                                                   M.Romain                                                      Special C

If you only knew                                                               Ada Jones                                                           2122

Giold & Silver Waltz                                                         N.Prom.Band                                                     2034

Farewell Isabelle                                                              Reed Miller                                                         23364

Fight the Good Fight                                                       Williamson & Kinneburgh                             23011

Excelsior                                                                              Pike & Dawson                                                  23091

Farewell in the desert                                                    Macklim                                                               23107

Nothing at all                                                                     J.Phillips                                                               23395

Scene at a Dog Fight                                                        Girard & Porter                                                 2760

One fine day                                                                       Agnes Kimball                                                    2057

Iolanthe Airs                                                                       N.Y,Light Opera                                                2537

When the Ebb Tide flows                                              Knickerbocker Quartet                                  2510

The Nelson touch                                                             D. Chalmers & Chorus                                    23384

Goodnight Farewell                                                        Knickerbocker Quartet                                  1596

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm                                      Campbell & Gillette                                         227        

King Karl march                                                                 Band                                                                      2174

Yes let me like a Soldier fall                                          Williamson                                                          23032

Friend                                                                                   Wheeler                                                              23373

Guerra y Marina                                                               Band                                                                      22072

United Service passing in review                                               Sousa’s Band                                                      2644

I call you from the shadows                                         Macklin                                                                23205

Dreams of home                                                              Daab (Bells)                                                        1799

For love’s dear sake                                                        Williamson                                                          23265

God is love                                                                          Kimball, Miller & Croxton                             1862

Ragtime regiment                                                            Band (Meeker)                                                 1836

Valcatier Canadian march                                             Sodero’s band                                                   23381

The Bandelero                                                                  P. Dawson                                                           230843

I’m on my way to Dublin Bay                                       Premier Quartet                                               2610

You’re my girl                                                                     van Brunt                                                            23401

Chicken Reel                                                                      Meeker                                                                2347`