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HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

The HMV Model 102 is probably now the most sought after of portable gramophones. It was introduced in 1931 and succeeded the very popular HMV Model 101 that was available from1926. The chief new feature was the introduction of the 5A and 5B sound-box, and for a while the No.16. These sound-boxes had a complicated […]

Small Horned Gramophone

Here is an attractive smaller horned gramophone from about 1910. There is no makers name, but I would suggest that it is of French design. There is a single spring motor, an 8″ turntable and the wooden case has a glazed finish with attractive moulding on the plinth and sides. The panelled metal horn has […]

Un-named “Swiss” type Gramophone

This is an example of one of the basic horned gramophones imported to the UK to satisfy demand for gramophones in about 1910. it has been restored to good working order but is essentially in original condition with the embossed metal horn in its original colours of shades of pink . The case is typical […]

HMV Model 1 Gramophone

In about 1910 the Gramophone Company (HMV) produced a series of “Hornless” gramophones. Gramophone enthusiasts, it was thought, were getting tired of large horned machines and wanted something neater. The first hornless gramophones had internal wooden horns and two doors at the front allowed for some degree of volume control. The design was never very […]

HMV Model 104 Table Grand

Two of the very best table gramophones that were available in the 1930s were the HMV model 130 and HMV model 104. The 130 had the advantage of having a really good double spring No.32 motor while the 104 has a single spring motor, this made for a lighter gramophone. Both machines were supplied with […]

Edison “Home” Phonograph.

This is a very nice example of an Edison “Home” phonograph, Model A, from about 1903. This version has is fitted with combination gearing so is capable of playing two and four minute cylinders. An additional bonus is that it has a model “K” reproducer which is capable of playing both types of cylinder by […]

Blue Amberol Phonograph Cylinders

I have a large number of Blue Amberol phonograph cylinders in stock, mostly in their original boxes and in good condition. These records are from the early part of the 20th century and were a great improvement on the original wax cylinders that played for only two minutes. The Blue Amberols played for four minutes […]

Replacement backs for HMV 5A/5B/ No.4 sound-boxes


Increasingly HMV gramophones from the 1930s are turning up with 5A or 5B sound-boxes that have suffered damage due to the alloys used in their construction. These alloys , known as “Mazac” or “Potmetal” tend to swell with age and damage occurs, especially around the locating pin where the sound-box is attached to the tone-arm. […]