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Broadcast “Super” Portable Gramophone.

Here is a very nice, slightly smaller, portable gramophone called the “Broadcast”. An advert in the 1928 edition of“The Sound-Wave” gives the dimensions as approximately 13 x 9 x 6 ins.and indicates that the gramophone was made by “Vocalion Gramophone Co. ” Hayes Middlesex Despite its small size, it plays a 10″ 78 record with […]

Apollo Portable Gramophone

Here is another small portable gramophone with the name “Apollo”., Collector’s will know that Apollo gramophones were made by the Swiss Copmany, Palliard and this portable is from the early 1920s. Christopher Proudfoot in an article in “For the record” referred to this particular model as the “Phoebus”. Apollo gramophones experimented with the “Reflex” sound-system […]

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

Here is another example of the very popular HMV Model 102 portable gramophone. from about 1933. This example plays well. but has been completely re-built and fitted with a new motor-board.. It has the much approved No.5A sound-box which is in good condition and free from “pot-metal” damage. A replacement 5A sound-box will now fetch […]

Early Horned Gramophone

Here is a horned ghramophone from about 1910. On the front of the case, rather faded, is the name “Mastertone”. The gramophone has been fully serviced and restored and plays well, but like most of these basic machines of this age should be used sparingly. The continental style steel embossed horn has been re-painted in […]

Decca Model 44 Portable Gramophone

RESERVED Decca 44 Portable Gramophone The Decca Company produced interesting gramophones from the time of the First WW, when they made their name by producing portable gramophones that could be sent off to the front to entertain the troops. Although not actually the first portable gramophones, they gained that reputation. Early models had the “Bowl […]

HMV Model 101 Portable Gamophone.

RESERVED After WW1 and in the 1920s there was a great demand for gramophones as a source of entertainment and to satisfy the dance craze that was booming. Probably the most popular portable gramophone at that time was the HMV Model 101. This is a very good example from about 1926 and in a black […]

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone.

Here is another example of the HMV Model 102 from about 1933. The gramophone is in a red case and is in very good overall condition apart from a few problems. it has been fully serviced and plays very well . The No.5A sound-box  is in good condition showing no signs of “pot-metal decay. The […]