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Original “Dulcephone” Gramophone

This is a nice early horned gramophone with the name “Dulcephone”. The name was used in conjunction with “Decca” for machines marketed by the Barnett Samuel and Sons Trading Company, but this model 50 has Dulcephone motor and sound-box and is probably from before 1914. There is an oak case with a hinged lid and […]

Small German Gramophone

Here is a very attractive smaller horned gramophone of typically continental design. Probably from Germany and imported into the UK in about 1910. It is all original and the embossed steel horn is decorated in shades of red. The front of the case is decorated with an attractive metal plaque showing dancing figures. Despite having […]

Early Decca Portable Gramophone.

# Here is an early Decca portable gramophone from about 1918, the Model No.2. Decca made their name during the First WW, making gramophones that could be sent to the front lines as entertainment for the troops, there are a number of advertising cartoons from the time, showing the gramophones in action. This model No.2 […]

“Beltona” Portable Gramophone

Here is an unusual early portable gramophone advertised and marketed in about 1920 by The Murdoch Trading Company, Clerkenwell Road, London. The gramophone was probably made in Switzerland. Several models of “Beltona” were available in the early 1920s and they were well made and of interesting design as in this model where the tone arm […]

“Robeyphone” Horned Gramophone

Here is an original horned gramophone from about 1910. Called the “Robeyphone” . Many similar horned gramophones were imported from Germany and Switzerland at that time, but this one was advertised in the “Sound-Wave” magazine as being “ALL BRITISH”. It has an oak case and a large embossed steel horn decorated in shades of red. […]

Edison “Amberola 30” Phonograph

From about 1890 Edison and other companies produced phonographs that played cylinders of recorded music and speech. The original cylinders were made from wax that were ( and still are) very fragile. Emile Berliner in the US invented and patented the first flat disc recordings and since they proved to be much easier to reproduce […]

HMV Model 103 Table Gramophone

In about 1926, The Gramophone Company (HMV) produced some very good table gramophones in wood cases, usually in oak or mahogany. These larger gramophones produced a more rounded sound within the wooden cases and two doors at the front revealing the end of the internal horn, gave a a way of adjusting the volume of […]

Mikiphone Miniature Gramophone

Here is one of the classic “Must Have” miniature gramophones for serious collectors, the “Mikiphone”.”. . Produced in Switzerland in the early 1920s it was brought to the UK in 1926 and was one of the smallest gramophones on the market. When closed up the gramophone looks like a large pocket watch at 4.5″ across […]

Thorens “Excelda” Miniature Gramophone

Here is a good example of the miniature gramophone produced by the Swiss Thorens Company in about 1931. These small gramophones were sometimes known as “Cameraphones” due to their likeness to folding cameras of the time. This  model is in very good condition with an original “Excelda” sound-box  and works really well for such a […]

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

Here is another example of the very popular HMV Model 102 portable gramophone, this time from about 1931. In this example there has been considerable careful restoration to the case but the gramophone works well and plays a 12″ 78 with ease. It has a No.5B sound-box that is free from “Pot-Metal” damage. This model […]