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Author: John Sleep

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

Here is another HMV Model 102 portable from the early 1930s. This version , in a black case, is in excellent original condition. It plays very well using a the No.16 sound-box. The earlier models of the 102 were fitted with the No.16 box and later models had a No. 5A or 5B sound-box. The […]

Edison -Bell Portable Gramophone

Edison-Bell was a British Company that operated from the 1890s and acquired the rights to Edison phonographs and Bell-Tainter “Graphophones”. The Company originally sold machines made in the US and elsewhere, but eventually started making their own phonographs that were very similar to Edison machines. They were one of the very few companies that made […]

Two Minute Wax Cylinders

Here is a list of two minute wax cylinders that I bought recently. They are mainly in their own original boxes and , although worn, play reasonably well. There are a number of famous music hall artists amongst them, including Florrie Forde and George Formby. Prices £5- £10 each plus p&p In the shade of […]

Small Portable Gramophone

Here is a small gramophone from the early 1920s. It is about half the size of standard portables from that time and might have been produced as a toy gramophone, but has full sized components and a good motor. The design was probably started in 1914 with the “Compactophone” described by Christopher Proudfoot as having […]

“Nirona” Toy Gramophone

This is a nice example of one of the many tin-plate toy gramophones produced in Germany in the early 1920s. probably the best known name is “Bing” from, I believe, the Bingwerke Company but this is a “Nirona” gramophone and a company that is noted for the distinctive shell-shaped horn. Although these toy gramophones do […]


Here is one of the more unusual and experimental gramophones made by the Vickers-Armstrong Company in 1929. The Vickers Company started in Sheffield in 1819 and was involved in the manufacture of armaments ( especially known for the Maxim machine gun) but also cars, ships torpedoes and aircraft. In 1927 Vickers became Vickers- Armstrong and […]

Rare collector’s item. Needle tins.

Here is a chance to buy a complete unused original set of Swiss Made “Melograph Salon” trailer needles in their original unopened carton. Price for the set of five tins, including postage £40

IM Thorn Needles

This is a rare opportunity to buy some of the very best of thorn needles. The IM fibre needles were sold in unique “Top Hat” boxes containing ten high quality needles. Modern thorn needles are still available, but these original unused old stock needles are superior. Each of the needles can be re-sharpened several times […]

Thorens “Excelda” Miniature Gramophone

The “Excelda” was a miniature gramophone produced by the Swiss Thorens Company in about 1931. Later versions like this one has a closed in sound-box with aluminium diaphragm, but earlier models had a mica diaphragm with the Excelda name visible behind. The Excelda is one of the class of small gramophones referred to as a […]

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

Here is another example of the very popular HMV model 102 portable gramophone from the early 1930s. This example has been carefully serviced and is in complete original condition. There is a No.5A sound-box in very good condition with no signs of “pot-metal” damage and the gramophone plays well. This red example of the very […]