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Author: John Sleep

Gramophone and Phonograph reference books.

Gramophone and Phonograph References I am frequently asked about the origins and history of the talking machines that turn up in attics, barns and occasionally on waste tips, or that have been passed down through the family. Many are over 100 years old now and trying to find out about where they came from is […]

Columbia Model 204 Portable

In 1931 HMV and Columbia were taken over by EMI. Portable wind-up gramophones were still made although several of the models produced were rather similar and sometimes components from both companies could be found in the new models. The Columbia model 204, here and the HMV are very much alike but, oddly, the Columbia sound-box […]

Two Minute Wax Cylinders.

This is an updated list of two minute wax cylinders that I have in stock at the moment. They are mostly in their original boxes and are of varying condition, but all play to some degree. I am selling them at £3 each plus P&P. Wax cylinders are very delicate and do not travel well […]

HMV Model 102D Portable gramophone.

Here is another nice example of the HMV Model 102, this time from about 1934. The gramophone is in a black case in very good condition, it has been fully serviced and plays very well using a No. 5B sound-box that is in excellent condition showing no signs of “pot-metal decay”.This version of the 102 […]

HMV Model 101 Portable Gamophone.

After WW1 and in the 1920s there was a great demand for gramophones as a source of entertainment and to satisfy the dance craze that was booming. Probably the most popular portable gramophone at that time was the HMV Model 101. This is a very good example from about 1926 and in a black case. […]

Boxed sets of needle tins

Here are some boxed sets of unused needles. Two unopened boxes contain tins of “Songster” needles. They are marked “medium tone” needles but in different types of box. Each box contain 200 needles. Other sets include rare “Petmecky” long play chrome alloy needles and even more unusual “Swiss made “Melograph” needles. These tins contain 100 […]

Gramophone Company “Junior Monarch”

Here is a very nice example of the Gramophone Company’s (HMV) ” Junior Monarch” gramophone from 1911-1913. It has a steel “Morning Glory” horn, 10″ turntable and single spring motor. The sound-box is the “Exhibition” box made in the USA. There is the “Dennison” speed regulator and cannon brake. The raised plates on front and […]

“Nirona” Toy Gramophone

This is a nice example of one of the many tin-plate toy gramophones produced in Germany in the early 1920s. probably the best known name is “Bing” from, I believe, the Bingwerke Company but this is a “Nirona” gramophone and a company that is noted for the distinctive shell-shaped horn. Although these toy gramophones do […]


Here is one of the more unusual and experimental gramophones made by the Vickers-Armstrong Company in 1929. The Vickers Company started in Sheffield in 1819 and was involved in the manufacture of armaments ( especially known for the Maxim machine gun) but also cars, ships torpedoes and aircraft. In 1927 Vickers became Vickers- Armstrong and […]