John Sleep

Author: John Sleep

Decca Model 1A Portable Gramophone

Here is a portable Decca gramophone from about 1918. It is in the style of the “Trench gramophones ” that gained great popularity in WW1 but is slightly later in date. Decca used the system of “reflex sound” instead of using an amplifying horn and sound from the sound-box and short tone-arm is bounced off […]

HMV Model 102 Portable gramophone.

Here is another nice example of the HMV Model 102 from about 1935. The gramophone is in a black case in very good condition, it has been fully serviced and plays very well using a No.5B sound-box that has been serviced and a replacement diaphragm fitted. A new carry handle has been fitted , The […]

HMV Model 101 Portable Gamophone.

After WW1 and in the 1920s there was a great demand for gramophones as a source of entertainment and to satisfy the dance craze that was booming. Probably the most popular portable gramophone at that time was the HMV Model 101. This is a very well used and weather-beaten example from about 1926 and in […]

“Nipper” Dog Model

“Nipper” the Fox Terrier features in, probably, the best known advert of all time as used in The Gramophone Company’s “His Master’s Voice” logo. Originally these models were used as window dressing in gramophone and record shops and were cheaply made from papier mache on a wire frame. Original models are hard to find nowadays […]

Boxed sets of needle tins

Here are two boxed sets of unused “Songster” needles. Both are marked “medium tone” needles but in different types of box. Each box contain 200 needles. In general I advise not to use old needles, but the boxes are collector’s items, especially in this format. There are six tins in each pack. Price, including postage […]

Gramophone Company “Junior Monarch”

Here is a very nice example of the Gramophone Company’s (HMV) ” Junior Monarch” gramophone from 1911-1913. It has a steel “Morning Glory” horn, 10″ turntable and single spring motor. The sound-box is the “Exhibition” box made in the USA. There is the “Dennison” speed regulator and cannon brake. The raised plates on front and […]

Edison -Bell Portable Gramophone

Edison-Bell was a British Company that operated from the 1890s and acquired the rights to Edison phonographs and Bell-Tainter “Graphophones”. The Company originally sold machines made in the US and elsewhere, but eventually started making their own phonographs that were very similar to Edison machines. They were one of the very few companies that made […]

Two Minute Wax Cylinders

Here is a list of two minute wax cylinders that I bought recently. They are mainly in their own original boxes and , although worn, play reasonably well. There are a number of famous music hall artists amongst them, including Florrie Forde and George Formby. Prices £5- £10 each plus p&p In the shade of […]

“Nirona” Toy Gramophone

This is a nice example of one of the many tin-plate toy gramophones produced in Germany in the early 1920s. probably the best known name is “Bing” from, I believe, the Bingwerke Company but this is a “Nirona” gramophone and a company that is noted for the distinctive shell-shaped horn. Although these toy gramophones do […]