Decca Portable Gramophone

Decca Portable Gramophone

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Decca gramophones were made in the UK by Barnett Samuel Company. The company started production in 1914. Many of the early designs used the “Bowl in the lid” method to amplify the sound where, instead of using a horn, the sound was bounced off a metal bowl and outwards toward the listener. This was a surprisingly effective system but few other companies followed suit.

Decca gramophones were made famous during the First World War as the troops were issued them for relaxation and entertainment. Often given the credit of being the first genuine portable gramophones (which was not actually the case) many Deccas are referred to as “Trench Models” although
most were made later. This is a Model No.1A and was available in 1920.

This gramophone is in quite good condition. It plays well with a steady motor and original Decca “Meltrope” type sound-box.

Price £140.00

Delivery with DPD (Next day ) is £25 and with Hermes £15. The sale includes 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required