Victor IV Horned Gramophone.

Victor IV Horned Gramophone.

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Victor IV Horned Gramophone


The American “Victor” Company was formed by Eldridge Johnson despite law suits over the ownership of  the  many patents claimed during the development of recorded sound. He  with the cooperation  of Emile Berliner (Who invented the flat disc record) produced a wide range of Victor and Victrola machines. As Berliner owned the “His Master’s Voice” picture, Johnson was able to use “Nipper” on his machines and could call his talking machines “Gramophones”. Other companies , like Columbia, the main rival, had to find other names like “Graphophone” and “Zonophone”. In the UK, the “Gramophone Company” was started by William  Owen who had been sent by Johnson to increase interest and sales in talking machines. The Gramophone Company (Which became known as HMV) and Victor produced many gramophones that were almost identical in  the US and UK. The  “Victor IV “ made in the US was revolutionary in that it was the first horned gramophone with the horn mounted on a back-bracket instead of being front mounted. The increasing size and weight of horns on front mounted gramophones meant that there was too  much pressure on the record and with a back-bracket design, the horn could be much larger as only the tone-arm and sound-box pressed down on the record as it played. Also, interestingly, the tapered design of the tone-arm meant that it formed part of the shape of the horn in allowing the sound-to increase in volume. The Victor IV was one of the top quality horned gramophones produced in 1906 and cost $50, the equivalent of over £1000 today.

This Victor IV is therefore a really important model in the history of the development of gramophone design. It is in excellent condition in a mahogany case with the newly designed double spring motor, Victor “Exhibition” sound-box, bolt brake and “Nipper” plate on the front inscribed “Victor IV” . The chrome plating is in good condition and the “Morning Glory”  black horn has the original “Victor Talking Machine” decal in good condition.

This gramophone imust be collected in person or could be delivered at a reasonable distance from TR8 5SE.

Price £1100.00