Un-named “Swiss” type Gramophone

Un-named “Swiss” type Gramophone

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This is an example of one of the basic horned gramophones imported to the UK to satisfy demand for gramophones in about 1910. it has been restored to good working order but is essentially in original condition with the embossed metal horn in its original colours of shades of pink .
The case is typical of continental design with an interesting metal motif at the front showing a reclining female figure with a lyre.

The gramophone works satisfactorily but, as with all of these early simple machines, should be used with care and not as a “work-horse” for playing 78s.

Price £385.00
This gramophone would have to be collected in person from TR8 5SE as I cannot rely upon couriers for delivery

i have other similar”Swiss” type gramophones available, more details can be supplied if necessary by contacting me by email at mjpsleep@btinternet.com