Two Minute Wax Cylinders

Two Minute Wax Cylinders

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Here is a list of two minute wax cylinders that I bought recently. They are mainly in their own original boxes and , although worn, play reasonably well. There are a number of famous music hall artists amongst them, including Florrie Forde and George Formby. Prices £5- £10 each plus p&p

In the shade of the old apple tree                                             Tenor                                    Ed           8958

Marriage Bells                                                                                   Bells                                       Ind         4251

You mustn’t do that naughty boy                                              Bantford                              Ed           13749

Two old songs                                                                                   Benzler (bells)                   Ed           10232

Blue Bell                                                                                               Dawson                                E-B         6399

Down at the old Bull and Bush                                                    Forde                                    E-B         6376

My Nightingale                                                                                 Pearce                                  E-B         6358 (2)

March Austria                                                                                    B.M.B                                    E-B         17

Clever Mr Green                                                                              H.Bluff                                  E-B         8566

In the valley where the blue birds sing                                    Song                                      E              8409

The Bally Bull Dog                                                                            Song                                      Pathe    60422   

Starlight                                                                                               Harlan                                   E              9166

I surrender all                                                                                    Quart                                    E              9352

Has anyone seen a German Band                                              Miller                                    E-B         10265

My Irish Molly O                                                                               S. Kirkby                               E-B         6728

The Shopwalker                                                                                H. Bluff                                 E-B         5890

Ise a waiting for yer Josie                                                              S. Kirkby                               E-B         6324

Christians awake                                                                              Carol                                      E-B         6392

Pearl of California                                                                             Benzler (Bells)                   E              9065

Novelette                                                                                           W. Evans                              EB           6060


March Pompelon                                                                             Band                                      Ed           13360

Onward Christian Soldiers                                                            Huntings band                   St            181E      

The Prodigals return on Christmas morning                          Descriptive                         Clar        47

Give my love to Dixie                                                                      Gilette                                  Ed           9346

Rustique Mazurka                                                                            NMB                                      Ed           13654

Their little bit of red                                                                        Forde                                    Ed           13266

Wardle’s Christmas Party (Pickwick Papers)                          Quartette                            Ed           13352

Don’t get married any more Ma!                                               Comic song                         Ed           9729

Just a gleam of heaven in her eyes                                           Song                                      Ed           8733

I’m tying the leaves so they won’t come down                    Harlan                                   Ed           9606

Two little girls loved one little boy                                            Harlan                                   Ed           9090

Lorna                                                                                                     Ed Barrow                           Ed           9147

Jean from Aberdeen                                                                       B Williams                            Ed           13631

Star beautiful star                                                                            duet                                      Ed           9156

Oh Lord be thou my light                                                              Alexander                           Ed           1330

Glory Song                                                                                          Vocal & Chorus                 E-B         6508

The little shirt my Mother made for me                                  Wootwell                            Ed           13628


Blaze away march                                                                            E.C.B.                                    E              8398

Oh the Steamer                                                                                Whit Cunliffe                     St            1032

Music Hall melodies                                                                        I.I.Band                                St            327

Oh Father                                                                                            Forde                                    St           290

Easy Street                                                                                         Forde                                    St            280

When the sunset….                                                                         H. Mc.                                   Col          32458

I would                                                                                                 Will Terry                            St            200

Molly I love you                                                                                F.Vernon                             St            29       

How we laugh                                                                                    F. Daniels                             E-B         10082

In the shade of the old apple tree                                             Male Quart.                        Col          32764

He goes to Church on Sunday                                                     Billy Murray                        Ed           9612

I know where to find ‘em                                                              Chas. Denton                     Clar        258

Blue Bells of Scotland                                                                     Prince                                   E-B         572

Imitations medley                                                                           Ed. Quart                             E              2236

Blue Bell                                                                                               Dawson                                E-B         6399

The Whistler and his dog                                                              LCO                                        E-B         926

Buying a house                                                                                 Berry                                     Col