Two Minute Wax Cylinders.

Two Minute Wax Cylinders.

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This is an updated list of two minute wax cylinders that I have in stock at the moment. They are mostly in their original boxes and are of varying condition, but all play to some degree. I am selling them at £3 each plus P&P. Wax cylinders are very delicate and do not travel well in spite of careful packing, however I have had very few cylinders damaged in transit.


Valse Bleue                                      BMB                                       E                      12956 

The Church Parade                        RMB                                       E-B                  10364 (3)

Queen of the Earth                                    Child                           E                      13375 (2)

Angels Serenade                             Orch                                       E                      502     (3)

Sing me to Sleep                             Gillette                                  E                      886661

Where the mocking birds were singing            Harrison                    E            8747  (2)

She is the Belle of New York                   Song                           E-B                  200180

The birds at the brook                                          Orch                           E            7860  (2

Oh God our help                                                     Dawson                     E-B            10461

Prettiest little song of all                                      Banzler                                  E8713 (2)

Mansion of aching Hearts                                                Harlan                        8093  (2)

Poor Proud and Particular                                               song                           Pat60350
The Orchid                                                                LCO                             E-B            672     (2)

Tell Mother I’ll be There                                       Quart.                        E-B            6578  (2)

Faust Waltz                                                              LCO                             E-B            224 Christians awake                                                       Quart                         E          13158I

Sammy                                                                      Tenor                         Col            32373 (2)

Disabilities                                                                Whitlock                   E-B            10463 (2)

The Glory Song                                                       Anthony & Harrison            E9031 (2)

Little Boy called Taps                                            Harlan                        E            8846  (2)

Funeral March of a Marrionette                        LCO                             E-B            809

Waltz                                                                         ECO                            E

BOX  2

Ten thousand times..                                            RMB                           E-B            20154

Sun of my Soul                                                        Prem C.O                  Clar     11            (3)

My Dreams                                                               Gillette                                  E8904 (1)

Where the Blue Birds Sing                                   Song                           E            8409  (2)

Pearl of California                                                   Benzler                                  E9065 (2)

Angel’s Serenade                                                    Orch                           E            502     (1)

A love romance                                                       Descr                          St            657     (1)

Morning land                                                           Anthony & Harrison            E9010 (3)

Glory Song                                                                V&O                           E-B            8505  (3)

The singer was Irish                                               Song                           Pathe            132

Down South                                                             Porch.                        St

Coronation bells                                                     ERB                             E-B            661

Echos of the forest                                                 Ed Orch.                    E            527

Daddy’s cute little blue eyed boy                      Penley                        Clar     19           

Summer Time Waltz                                  LRB                                         St            946

Electric Polka                                               Hudson                                  E-B            627

Sunday Fishing                                            Keister Glee singers           E-B            10281

Ringtailed Coon                                          Qrt. & Banjo                        E-B            6810

Lohengrin                                                     RMB                                       E-B            972

Mr Black Man                                              Band                                      E            8669

The Bells Waltz                                           Mil. Band                              St.            155

Raff’s Cavatina                                            Opperman (violin)              E-B            10324

Honolulu Cake walk                       Banjo (noisy!)                      Col            3862……….

Echoes of the Forest (Walz)        Ed. orch                                 E          527

Mr Mosenstein                                Bradfield                   E-B      6086

The Jolly Blacksmiths                     Qrt                              E          9192


Awake little Kate                                        Meister Glee Singers         E-B            10321

Jolly Coppersmith                                       LRB                                         E-B            323

Ye Banks and Braes                                    Draper (Clarinet)                 E-B            861

British Patrol                                                LRB                                         E-B            703

Genevieve                                                     Belle Cole                              E            6092

Excelsior                                                        Arthur Harrison                   E            8985

Turkish Patrol                                              LRB                                         E-B            209

The Outpost march                        Band                          E          9757

Bells of St. Malo                              LRB                                         E-B      564

Salvation Army Patrol                               Band                                      E-B            344

She was a Grand Old Lady                       Tenor                                     E            9614

Blessed Assurance                                      Ed. Mixed Qrt.                     E            10063

Sizilietta                                                        Br. Concert orch.                E             13302

Mumblin’ Moss                                           LCO                                         E            673

Blue Bell                                                        Tenor                                     Col            32515

My Juliette                                                   Miller                                     E-B            6676

Terence’s farewell  to Kathleen               Doyle                                      E-B            10097

Polonaise brilliant                                      Clarinet                                  E             7253 

Where the blue birds sing                       Pearce                                   E-B            6221

Novelty march                                            Peerless Orch                      E            7503

Bells of St Malo                                           LRB

Awake                                                            Jones

Ray of Sunshine                                          Bradford

Looking this way                                         Duet

Anona                                                            Kirkby                                                      

El Miserere                                                   ECB

She’s my daisy                                             Malcolm

Life’s dream is over                                    Duet

Let me dream again                       Song                           E          8052

Laughing Water                              ECB                             E          8532

Work for the night I coming        Quartette                 E          9607


Star beautiful star                                      Duet                           E                      9151

He goes to church on Sunday                 Murray                      E                      9612

Oh Lord be thou my light                         Alexander                 E                      13301

Starlight                                                        Tenor                         E                      9165

Just a gleam of heaven                             Song                           E                      8733

Maggie Ryan of Dublin town                   Kirkby                         E                      14062

The prodigal’s return…                             Desc.                          Clar                 47

My Nightingale                                            Kirkby                         E-B                  6358

Rustique Mazurka                                      NMB                          E                      13664

Steamboat medley                                     Quart.                        E                      9041

Lorna                                                             Barrow                      E                      9147

March Pompleton                                      BMB                           E                      13360

Country Girl selection (3)                         LRB                             E-B                  99

Country Girl selection (1)                         LRB                             E-B                  97

Marriage bells                                             Bells                           Ind                  42514

Watching and waiting                               Harlan and Stanley  E                    8203

I surrender all                                              Quart                         E                      9553

Il Miserere                                                    ECB                             E                      8130

La Kraquette                                                Paris Orch.                St                    585

Oh! The women                                          Pike et al                   St                    957