Two Minute Wax Cylinders

Two Minute Wax Cylinders

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Here is a long list of wax cylinders that I have in stock. Most are in original cylinder boxes. Condition varies from very good to moderate, but all play to some extent. The cylinder makes are E= Edison, E-B =Edison-Bell, Col = Columbia,
St = Sterling with a few others. Prices £3 each plus p&p. Email me if any interest you. Discount available for multiple orders. I am sure you realise that wax cylinders are very fragile and may not travel well despite careful packing.

BOX  1

Christians Awake                            Ed.  Male Quart.     E                      13158            (3)

Old Folks at Home                          Thompson                            E                      8781  (3)

Valse Bleue                                      BMB                                       E                      12956 

The Church Parade                        RMB                                       E-B                  10364 (3)

Angelena                                           McDonouigh & Beihling    E                      9112  (2)

Pretty Pond Lilies                           Benzler (Bells)                     E                      9286  (2)

Flanaghan at the Doctors             Porter                                    E                      9692  (1)

Marche des Troupiers                               Guarde Rep.             E                      17427 (2)

The Nightingale Song                                Cornet Solo              E                      2611  (3)

Let me like Soldier fall                               Pike                            St                    140     (2)

Queen of the Earth                                    Child                           E                      13375 (2)

Nazareth                                           Oakley                                    E-B                  708     (2)

Angels Serenade                             Orch                                       E                      502     (3)

Prettiest little song of all              Bells                                      E                      8713  (2)

The Vicar of Bray                            Clifford                                  Col                  200988

Sing me to Sleep                             Gillette                                  E                      886661

Paderewski’s Minuet                                 Oakley                                    E-B            912     (2)

Where the mocking birds were singing            Harrison                    E            8747  (2)

Boys of the old Brigade                            LRB                             E-B                  30             (2)

Prayer from lohengrin                               Dearth                                   ST            884     (2)

ST Patrick’s Day in Ireland                        Descriptive               St                    1142  (1)

The Singer was Irish                                   Dawson                                 E            13424 (2)

She is the Belle of New York                   Song                           E-B                  200180

Here we are again                                      Williams                    E          10473 (2)

Zampa Ovt.                                                  EMB                           White 179     (2)

When I get back again to Bonny Scotland       Lauder                                   E13744

Bells of Hope                                                           NMB                          E13655(3)

Tally Ho Trio                                                             Terry                          E-B            6345(                        

Violets                                                                       Piano                          E            8394  (2)

The Holy City                                                           GIlette                       E            2018  (2)

Jewel of Asia                                                            Chester                      Col    200148

Grasshopper’s Dance                                            Orch                           E            131452

The Old brown hat                                     Milburn                                 E            6828  (2)

Cupid’s Wedding Bells                                          Benzler                                  E9869 (1)

The birds at the brook                                          Orch                           E            7860  (2)

The last pub                                                             March/voc                Clar            157     (2)

I’ll meet you one dark night                                Williams                    E            13877 (2)

The plumber                                                            Harbor & Clifton     E            13712 (3)

            BOX  2

Faust waltz                                                               LCO                             E-B            224     (3)

Oh God our help                                                     Dawson                     E-B            10461

Prettiest little song of all                                      Banzler                                  E8713 (2)

Bugle Calls                                                                US Mil                                    Col3768

Mansion of aching Hearts                                                Harlan                        8093  (2)

If those lips could only speak                                          Clayton                      13643 (2)

Poor Proud and Particular                                               song                           Pat60350

El Miserere                                                               RMB                           E-B            744     (2)
The Orchid                                                                LCO                             E-B            672     (2)

A Miner’s dream of home                                    Clayton                      E            13533 (2)

Oh Dem Golden Slippers                                      Hampton                   E-B            6386  (3)

Tell Mother I’ll be There                                       Quart.                        E-B            6578  (2)

A trip on the Margate boat                                                                    

Nat. Comedy Four  Cubanola Glide                    L.O.B                          E-B            20312 (2)

A hunting scene                                                      LCO                             E-B            10024

Shepherd’s dance                                                   Violin

BOX  3

The Auction Sale                                                     Spencer                     E            8077  (2)

Little wooden hut                                                  Williams                                E

Ten thousand times..                                            RMB                           E-B            20154

Somewhere                                                              Gillette                                  E9479 (1)

Adventures of Billy Whitlock                               Whitlock                   E-B            6154  (1)

Sammy                                                                      Tenor                         Col            32373 (2)

Beaumarie                                                                Bells                           E            8536  (2)

Keeping Bees                                                           Will Evans                 E            14050 (1)

Peter Piper                                                              Tally Ho trio             E-B            6595  (1)

Looking for a Burglar                                             Desc.                          E-B            6864  (1)

Disabilities                                                                Whitlock                   E-B            10463 (2)

Asleep in the deep                                                 Song                           TIR            549     (1)

I played my Concertina                                         Osmond                    E            13550 (1)

We all walked into the shop                                Will Terry                  St            176     (1)

The Glory Song                                                       Anthony & Harrison            E9031 (2)

Sun of my Soul                                                        Prem C.O                  Clar     11            (3)

My Dreams                                                               Gillette                                  E8904 (1)

Where the Blue Birds Sing                                   Song                           E            8409  (2)

Revels in the Cornfield                                          Madame Paula        E            13246 (2)

Pearl of California                                                   Benzler                                  E9065 (2)

Little Boy called Taps                                            Harlan                        E            8846  (2)

Angel’s Serenade                                                    Orch                           E            502     (1)

We all go the same way home                           Kirkby                         E            14079 (2)

In the shade of the old apple tree                     Gillette                                  E8958 (2)

March of the Priests                                              LRB                             E-B            765     (3)

Alice where art thou?                                           Clar & Tmb               E            6382  (2)

Geisha                                                                       LCO                             E-B            256     (3)

A love romance                                                       Descr                          St            657     (1)

New Colonial march                                              Band                          E            12972 (3)

The little old log cabin                                          Banjo & voc              Col            7200  (3)

The singer was Irish                                               Song                           Pathe 152     (2)

Brave territorials                                                    Dawson                                 E1384

I can see red roses blooming                               Kirkby                         E-B            10019 (3)

Without you                                                            Richards                    E            13626 (2)

Tickle me Timothy                                                  Williams                    E            13696 (1)

Morning land                                                           Anthony & Harrison            E9010 (3)

Glory Song                                                                V&O                           E-B            8505  (3)

Ho Jolly Jenkin                                                         Dawson                     E             13858

Funeral March of a Marrionette                        LCO                             E-B            809

Scotch Tunes                                                           Pipes                          E-B

Over the waves waltz                                            Band                          E-B

Down South                                                             Porch.                        St

Waltz                                                                         ECO                            E

It is well with my soul                                           Quartette                 E`            9443

The Marsellaise                                                       LRB                             E            120    

Bamboo Bungalow                                     Kirkby                                     E-B            6953

A Country Girl Sel. (3)                               LRB                                         E-B      99

Coronation Bells                                         LRB                                         E-B            661

Joseph Porter’s song (Pinafore)             Anderson                              St            945

Summer Time Waltz                                  LRB                                         St            946

Frolics of the Hencoop                              Ed. Symp. Orch.                  E            537

La Kraquette                                                Paine’s Orch                        St            585

The Star of Bethlehem                              Jones                                      E-B            5027

Par Ci par La                                                NMB (Polka)                         E            13897

God save Ireland                                         McCormack                          St            612

Music Hall melodies                                   LCO                                         E-B            10421

The Darkies dream                                     EMB                                       E            8878

Highland Laddie                                          Forsyth (Bagpipes)             E-B            10202

The Lion Chase                                            Sousa’s Band                       E            10511

The Country Girl Sel.(2)                            LRB                                         E-B      97

Shade of the Palm                                      Grover                                   E-B            5177

Wren Polka                                                  Hudson (piccolo)                St            2004

Weymouth Chimes                                    Irish Guards band               E-B            826

Sunday Fishing                                            Keister Glee singers           E-B            10281

Medley of Popular airs                             Len Ward                              E-B            866

Silver Bell March                                        Len Ward (Bells)                 E-B            797571

Turkish Patrol                                              LRB                                         E-B            209

Ringtailed Coon                                          Qrt. & Banjo                        E-B            6810

Lohengrin                                                     RMB                                       E-B            972

Mr Black Man                                              Band                                      E            8669

The Whistling Bowery Boy                       Whelan                                  St            265

Ovt. Poet & Peasant                                  Band                                      E            8131

Yarney’s Ideal                                              Xylophone                            E            8792

Imitations (farmyard)                                Gerard                                   E-B            5896

Telephone Conversation                          Hunting & Whelan             St            5021

Sel. Merry Widow                                      London CB                            St            955

Cydgan Y Norwyr                                        Welsh Choir                         St            445

A drop of Scotch & Irish                           Hunting & Whelan             St            5012

Larboard Watch                                         Dearth & Pike                      St            325

The Mocking Bird                                       Stafford (Whistling)           St            5015

The Bells Waltz                                           Mil. Band                              St.            155

Raff’s Cavatina                                            Opperman (violin)              E-B            10324

Coon Town Chimes                                    Oakley (Banjo)                    St            10188

The Maxim’s Song                          H.Payne                     .          St         956

Cherry                                                LCO                                        E-B      10366

Honolulu Cake walk                       Banjo (noisy!)                      Col      3862

Post Horn gallop                             Anderson & Orch               St        163

If the Man in the Moon                N. Smith                                E-B      10412

Ballet music from Faust                Band                                      E          8450

Whistling Rufus                              Mil Band                               St        170

Waltz from The merry Widow    Imp. Inf. Band                      St        954

The Whistler & his dog                 LMB                                       St        278

Nightingale of the Opera              Hudson                                  E-B      682

Echoes of the Forest (Walz)        Ed. orch                                 E          527

Invincible Eagle                               EMB                                       E          7877

Me & Mrs Brown                            Huntley Wright                   E-B      6171

Rose of Killarney                             W. Redburn                          E          8197 

Come back to Erin                          Miles                                      Col      4640

Bells of St. Malo                              LRB                                         E-B      564

Awake                                                Jones                                      E-B      5909

Darkie Tickle                                    Ossman (Banjo)                  E          2608

Flower Girl                                       Orch.                                      Col.Ind.1061

Ray of sunshine                               Bradford                               St        253

Return of the troopship                Mil Band                               St        109

Warbler’s Serenade                       LRB                                         E-B      791

Haiwatha                                          C. Carter                                Lamb  5014

Mr Mosenstein                                Bradfield                               E-B      6086

The Outpost march                        Band                                      E          9757

The Jolly Blacksmiths                     Qrt                                          E          9192

By the Old Oaken Bucket             Louise                                    E          9896

BOX  5

EL Capitan                                                    LCO                                         E-B                 

Forbes           Farewell                                           US Corps.                  E            8058

Anvil Chorus (Traviata)                             Band                                      E            504

Star of my Life                                             Alan Turner                          St            535

Awake little Kate                                        Meister Glee Singers         E-B            10321

Jolly Coppersmith                                       LRB                                         E-B            32Ye Banks and Braes                               Draper (Clarinet)                 E-B            861

British Patrol                                                LRB                                         E-B            703

Genevieve                                                     Belle Cole                              E            6092

Excelsior                                                        Arthur Harrison                   E            8985

Salvation Army Patrol                               Band                                      E-B            344

Buttercup’s song (Patience)                    Ada Florence                        St            942

She was a Grand Old Lady                       Tenor                                     E            9614

Girls of Gottenberg                                    LCO                                         E-B            10503

Blessed Assurance                                      Ed. Mixed Qrt.                     E            10063

Sizilietta                                                        Br. Concert orch.                E             13302

Three Blind Mice                                        Hunting’s Band                   St       

The Dog Fight                                              Spencer & Collins               Col      11021

Willie’s got another girl now                   A  Jones                                 E            10057

John go and put your trousers on         B. Williams                           E            13539

The dream of the Rarebit Fiend             EMB                                       E            9585

Mumblin’ Moss                                           LCO                                         E            673

Corinthian March                           LMB                                       St        138

Pinafore Final act                           Chorus & Orch                    St        946

BOX  6

By the side of the Zuyder Zee                 Albert Pearce                       White 136

Let’s all go down the Strand

Blue Bell                                                        Tenor                                     Col            32515

My Juliette                                                   Miller                                     E-B            6676

Terence’s farewell                                      Doyle                                      E-B            10097

Cock o’ the North                                       Band                                      E            12877

Round the campfire                                   Kirkby                                     E             6745

Beau Brummell                                           Bells                                       E-B            9939

Polonaise brilliant                                      Clarinet                                  E             7253 

Airs from Pinafore                                      LCO                                         E            8130

Where the blue birds sing                       Pearce                                   E-B            6221

Novelty march                                            Peerless Orch                      E            7503

Me and Mrs Brown                                    Huntley Wright                  E-B     6171

Come back to Erin                                      Miles

Bells of St Malo                                           LRB

Awake                                                            Jones

Darkie Tickle                                                Ossman (Banjo)                                    

Ray of Sunshine                                          Bradford

Return of the troopship                            Mil Band

Looking this way                                         Duet

Anona                                                            Kirkby

The old folks at home      

El Miserere                                                   ECB

Steamboat medley                                     Quartette

Departure of the  troopship                    LRB

She’s my daisy                                             Malcolm

Life’s dream is over                                    Duet

Casey leaving Droughheda                      Hunting

Hunting                     E-B      5806

Let me dream again                       Song                           E          8052

Laughing Water                              ECB                             E          8532

Rose of Killarney                             W. Redburn              E          8197

I’m afraid to home in the dark    H.Fay                          Clar     256

Work for the night I coming        Quartette                 E          9607

Piano solo                                                                             E


Monastery Bells                              Bells & chimes         E          8912

Finale 1812 Ovt.                             RMB                           E-B      720

Daddy’s little blue-eyed boy       Penley                        Clar     19

Banjo Solo                                                                            E          2617

Oh! The Women (M.Widow)      Pike & Hyde             St        957

The Darktown Cakewalk               LCO                             E-B      784

Watching and waiting                   Harlan & Stanley     E          8203

The lost chord                                 McDough                  E          6504

            TWO MINUTE WAX CYLINDERS. 4.5.21


Marriage Bells                                                         Bells               Ind      4251

You mustn’t do that naughty boy                      Bantford       Ed       13749

Two old songs                                                         Benzler (bells)Ed     10232

Blue Bell                                                                    Dawson         E-B      6399

My Nightingale                                                        Pearce           E-B      6358 (2)

In the valley where the blue birds sing            Song               E          8409

The Bally Bull Dog                                                  Song               Pathe 60422

Starlight                                                                    Harlan            E          9166

I surrender all                                                          Quart             E          9352

My Irish Molly O                                                     S. Kirkby        E-B      6728

Ise a waiting for yer Josie                                     S. Kirkby        E-B      6324

Pearl of California                                                   Benzler (Bells)         E            9065


March Pompelon                                                    Band              Ed       13360

The Prodigals return on Christmas morning               Descriptive   Clar     47

Give my love to Dixie                                                        Gilette           Ed            9346

Rustique Mazurka                                                  NMB                          Ed            13654

Their little bit of red                                                          Forde             Ed            13266

Don’t get married any more Ma!                                  Comic song  Ed            9729

Just a gleam of heaven in her eyes                                Song               Ed            8733

I’m tying the leaves so they won’t come down         Harlan            Ed            9606

Two little girls loved one little boy                                Harlan            Ed            9090

Lorna                                                                         Ed Barrow                 Ed            9147

Star beautiful star                                                  duet                           Ed            9156

Oh Lord be thou my light                                     Alexander                 Ed            13301

Riding on top of the car                                        H. Bluff                      E-B            6644

Glory Song                                                                Vocal & Chorus       E-B            6508


Oh the Steamer                                                      Whit Cunliffe            St            1032

Oh Father                                                                 Forde                         St           290

Easy Street                                                               Forde                         St            280

When the sunset….                                                H. Mc.                        Col            32458

When there isn’t a girl about                              H.Bluff                       St            10003

He goes to Church on Sunday                             Billy Murray Ed       9612

Blue Bell                                                                    Dawson                     E-B            6399

Maggie Ryan from London Town                       Kirkby                         E            14062