“Trench” Type Decca Gramophone

“Trench” Type Decca Gramophone

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This is an example of an early Decca portable gramophone of the type that was available during the first World War. Although not the first company to produce portable gramophones, Decca machines, manufactured by Barnett Samuel in London, gained that reputation and more Decca gramophones were sent to the front lines in WW1 than any other make.
This is Decca Model 1 and was available from about 1911. It shows signs of much use and has a brown fibre-board case with red(ish) interior.

There is a single spring motor, 10″ turntable and the gramophone uses the “Bowl-in-the-lid” method for sound amplification. The sound-box is a Decca “Crescendo”.

Price £100.00 which includes 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required.

Delivery with DPD (Next day) is £25 and with Hermes £15