Thorens “Excelda” Miniature Gramophone

Thorens “Excelda” Miniature Gramophone

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The gramophone assembled

The “Excelda” was a miniature gramophone produced by the Swiss Thorens Company in about 1931. Later versions had a closed in sound-box with aluminium diaphragm, but this early model has the a mica diaphragm with the Excelda name visible behind.
The Excelda is one of the class of small gramophones referred to as a “Cameraphone” but unlike those that looked like “Box Brownies” , for example a “Peter Pan”, the Excelda, when closed, looks like the the old bellows type of camera, in a all-metal case measuring 27 x 12 x 5 cm.
The gramophone can actually play a 10″ record which has to be bolted down to a 3cm turntable with a knurled nut. The nut also secures the lid when the case is packed away. All the components fit inside. The Excelda is really the only miniature gramophone that might be expected to play well and this one does so.

This is a very collectable and rare gramophone in good condition and playing surprisingly well. A rare additional feature is that its original carry case is present

Price £425 plus p&p