“Swiss” Style Horned Gramophone

“Swiss” Style Horned Gramophone

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A “Swiss” horned gramophone is the designation given to horned gramophones that were imported into the UK from about 1910 to meet the demand for the popular and, at that time, revolutionary form of entertainment. They were usually made in France, Switzerland or Germany wih no special names and were often given the names of the retailer rather than the maker. Nowadays, when they crop up, they are accepted as genuine gramophones and are offered for sale at the bottom end of the price bracket for original machines.
The small gramophone in the picture above is probably French in manufacture. it has a delicate steel panelled horn painted in red with gold trim and with an 8″ turntable. there is a single spring motor and a one piece tone-arm. It plays well with a contemporary sound-box, however the small motor needs to be fully wound to play through a 10″ record.

Price £300.00

Here are two other Swiss gramophones, with steel embossed horns of typical Continental design. The one on the left is slightly larger. Both have oak cases and play well. The horns have been re-painted in each case.

I do not send out horned gramophones by courier, so they would have to be collected in person fom TR8 5SE