“Sonora” Table Gramophone

“Sonora” Table Gramophone

Created by on January 3, 2019

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The gramophone is of high quality, in a mahogany case and with  a double spring motor, 12″ turntable and original “Sonora” soundbox. The tone-arm has a clever device where the goose neck can be clicked up into a position so that needles can be easily fitted.

The “Sonora” Phonograph Company operated  at 78 Reade Street New York City.  The company had started in 1900 as clock makers but under the leadership of George Brightson in 1913  entered the world of gramophones (Phonographs in the US) and was allowed to compete with the “Big Three” manufacturers, Edison, Victor and Columbia by paying  large fees to avoid copyright infringements.

The gramophone has an additional interesting feature. A volume control is fitted and operated by a  lever in the left hand panel. 

  • Price £220.oo
  • This gramophone would have to be collected in person or I could deliver at a reasonable distance from TR8 5SE. I cannot arrange for courier delivery with this item.