Rare and Unusual “Apollo” Gramophone

Rare and Unusual “Apollo” Gramophone

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Here is something a bit different in portable gramophones, an “Apollo” from the early 1920s.

Apollo gramophones were sold in the UK by the Crais and Stavridi Company but they were probably made by the Swiss Company Paillard and versions were available from 1916 to about 1930. Some Apollo gramophones had features in common with Decca machines in that they often used the reflex system where sound from the sound-box and tone-arm was reflected back to the listener from a “bowl-in-the-lid”. In this case the bowl is made of varnished cardboard.

The characteristic “Apollo” decals are printed onto the reflex bowl and the tone-arm, sound-box and winder are tucked away underneath.

The gramophone plays well and is in good condition. It comes with 100 needles and a selection of six records if required.

Price £180.00 including p&p