Pyramid Needle Tins

Pyramid Needle Tins

Categories: Accessories

Some of the more interesting tins produced for wind-up gramophones in the 20s and 30s are the “Pyramid” tins.

As with the more usual tins there are different colours for a variety of needles of different tones and uses. The picture shows a small selection of tins in good condition but also some really rare boxed pyramids.

Unboxed tins include: “Soft” (green decal), “Medium” (blue decal), “loud” (red decal) and “extra loud” (red decal and banding). £23 each including postage.

Boxed tins include: “Soft Tone” , Medium Tone” and “Extra Loud Tone” £35 each including postage. SORRY THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD