“Peter Pan” Miniature Gramophone.

“Peter Pan” Miniature Gramophone.

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“Peter Pan” Miniature Gramophone

The Peter Pan gramophone was produced by “The Peter Pan Gramophone Ltd” 30 Gerrard St. London. (Later Frith St.) It is one of the group of small  gramophones that were produced in the 1920s and 30s and were often referred to a “Cameraphones” as they had the appearance and size of the “Box Brownie” cameras that were available at that time. The Peter Pan gramophone was available in several different sizes and with different types of “horn” in this case the horn is  a telescopic aluminium design but other versions can be found.

This Peter Pan  from about 1924 has a replica telescopic horn, skilfully made and quite effective, otherwise it is in original condition and plays well. The record sits on a “spider” type of turntable. Miniature gramophones like this are attractive novelties and cannot be expected to play as well as larger machines.

Price £240.00 plus p&p