Created by John Sleep on Saturday 8th of June 2019 06:44:26 PM


This is a nice example of the famous miniature gramophone developed in Switzerland by the Paillard Company from a design by Miklos Vadasz, a Hungarian, who’s name can be found on the case. It was made available in the UK in 1926.

The gramophone is enclosed in a metal case that looks like large pocket watch about 4.5 ” in diameter. All the parts fit neatly inside. There is a 4″ turntable and records are held firmly with a sprung plug. The resonator as a two-piece plastic box that fits together and attaches to the back of the sound-box. It is complete and in good condition in this example.

This is probably the smallest commercial gramophone made. It is a real collectors “must have” item and plays surprisingly well but great care and patience is needed to unpack and re-assemble the parts, especially the plastic resonator that is a tight fit inside the case.

Price £380.00