HMV Portable Gramophone

HMV Portable Gramophone

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HMV 102 Gramophone

The HMV Model 102 from 1931 is probably the most popular gramophone amongst collectors at the moment. It has a single spring motor, auto-brake and 10″ turntable. The main feature is the very good quality sound-box fitted to these machines. This might be the No.16, 5A or 5B. The No.16 sound-box plays really well, but the box cannot be repaired if it goes wrong. The 5A and 5B boxes are generally preferred and I find that, in general, the 5B is the best made. Both sound-boxes can suffer from pot-metal decay that affects the back-plate so customers should always check for signs of cracking as replacements can cost up to £100.

This gramophone in a black case is in good condition, with some slight signs of wear to the case, but plays very well. The No.5B sound-box is in very good condition with no sign of impending damage.

The gramophone is sold with 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required.

Price £230.00

Delivery by DPD is £25 and by Hermes £15