HMV Model 97C Portable Gramophone

HMV Model 97C Portable Gramophone

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In 1931, the two biggest producers of gramophones, HMV and Columbia were taken over by EMI. Several new models were produced afterwards, and some of these showed features of both companies. The HMV continued to be the most desirable portable (and continued to made into the 1950s) but at
five guineas was expensive. As much as a whole weeks work for an average salary. The model 97 was brought out as a cheaper alternative at three guineas. Very like the 102 but sightly smaller in size and a with a simplified design. Surprisingly the sound-box was the Columbia 15a with an HMV front plate.

This is a nice example of the HMV 97 in a blue case. It works well and the sound quality compares well with the HMV 102

Price £140.00 plus p&p

I also have a black version available in equally good condition at £120 plus p&p

The gramophone comes with 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required.