HMV Model 161 cabinet gramophone.

HMV Model 161 cabinet gramophone.

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I rarely stock cabinet gramophones as collectors often don’t have room for them, however this HMV model from 1925 appealed to me as a really nice machine. Produced in 1925, the HMV 161 was not produced in large numbers and at £30 for the mahogany example, was very expensive for that time. It has the very good double spring No.32 motor, auto-brake system and 12″ turntable. There is room for record storage below and two doors open onto the internal horn, so there is some control of volume available. This is quite a rare gramophone and attractive to look at.

The mahogany cabinet is in very good condition for its age and the gramophone plays well. It may me the first HMV gramophone to use the No.4 sound-box with the larger diaphragm than the previous Exhibition or No.2 sound-boxes. The lid has the “One handed” hinge system and unusually the original HMV cabinet key is present.

Price £200.00

This is a compact but heavy gramophone and would have to be collected in person from TR8 5SE