HMV Model 104 Table Grand

HMV Model 104 Table Grand

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Two of the very best table gramophones that were available in the 1930s were the HMV model 130 and HMV model 104. The 130 had the advantage of having a really good double spring No.32 motor while the 104 has a single spring motor, this made for a lighter gramophone. Both machines were supplied with either the No. 5A or number 5B sound-box. In this case this 104 has a No.5B box in very good condition and not subject to any signs of “pot-metal damage”.

The 104 has an oak case and is in very good condition, the gold cloth behind the grille has been replaced. It plays well and would be an ideal gramophone to use on a regular basis if you have room for a slightly larger model.

Price £200
Wooden cased gramophones do not travel well with couriers so the gramophone would have to be collected in person from TR8 5SE