HMV Model 103 Table Gramophone

HMV Model 103 Table Gramophone

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In about 1926, The Gramophone Company (HMV) produced some very good table gramophones in wood cases, usually in oak or mahogany. These larger gramophones produced a more rounded sound within the wooden cases and two doors at the front revealing the end of the internal horn, gave a a way of adjusting the volume of sound produced. The two main models were the No.103 and No.109

Model 103, pictured here, has a 10″ turntable, a single spring motor and the very effectiove No.4 sound-box with a large mica diaphragm. This version also has the easy opening lid hinge. The model 109 is almost identical, but has the very efficient and reliable No,32 double spring motor.

The gramophone illustrated is in very good conition, it has been thoroughly serviced and the sound-box has been serviced and an excellent replacement back-plate fitted. Table model gramophones do need more space to use and display than standard portables, but give excellent results. The gramophone comes with 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required. An almost identical model 109 with the No.32 motor is also available. Wooden cased gramophones do not travel well with couriers, so it would be best to collect in person from TR8 5SE.

Price for the 103, £180.00 and for the 109, £190.00