HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

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Here is another example of the very popular HMV Model 102 portable gramophone, this time from about 1931.

In this example there has been considerable careful restoration to the case but the gramophone works well and plays a 12″ 78 with ease. It has a No.5B sound-box that is free from “Pot-Metal” damage. This model is the early design for the 102 with the all-metal motor-board and the autobrake that was the over-complicated type driven by the motor. Due to persistent problems with this brake I have replaced it with a simple and effective manual brake.

The HMV 102 is the most sought after portable at the moment and good examples are hard to find. The model is ideal to use regularly and is one of the few wind-up portables, available nowadays, for which replacement mainsprings are still being made. Because of the amount restoration of work done this HMV 102 is being offered at a very reasonable price.

The gramophone comes with 100 needles and a selection of six 78s if required.

Price £150.00