HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone

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The HMV Model 102 is probably now the most sought after of portable gramophones. It was introduced in 1931 and succeeded the very popular HMV Model 101 that was available from1926. The chief new feature was the introduction of the 5A and 5B sound-box, and for a while the No.16. These sound-boxes had a complicated but very effective aluminium diaphragm, capable of coping with louder electrical recordings that were now being produced. Earlier the diaphragms had largely been made of mica.
This example is from about 1932 and plays very well with a No. 5A sound-box that has been carefully restored.

This gramophone has an auto-brake that actually works and the inside is in good condition. The outside of the case shows slight wear but the overall condition is above average. The motor has been fully serviced and the gramophone comes with the record storage tray that is so often missing. These trays were provided by HMV almost as an afterthought as in order to store your selection of records to take on your picnic, they would have to be taken out of their sleeves to fit on the tray!

Price £220
Delivery with DPD (Next day) £30 and with Hermes £15

Here is another HMV 102 portable, this time the model 102D. This version does not have the storage tray and may never had had one supplied as here are no lugs on the motor-board to keep one in place. This gramophone ,from about 1934, is in almost mint condition and plays really well with a No.5B sound-box in excellent condition.

Price £240
Delivery with DPD (Next day) £30 and with Hermes