Gramophone “Fibre” needle sharpeners

Gramophone “Fibre” needle sharpeners

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IM thorn needle sharpener (various colours available) £35

Fibre needles are made of specially hardened wood and come in two main types, Thorn wood needles, from a particularly hard wood that are shaped to look like standard steel needles and will fit into the round hole that most earlier sound-boxes had and bamboo needles that are cut from hardened bamboo and come in a triangular cross-section that need to fit into a suitably shaped triangular hole found in some, but not all sound-boxes.
One advantage of fibre needles is that they, unlike steel needles, can be re-sharpened several times before discarding.

There are several patent devices available to sharpen fibre needles and the “IM Pointmaster” above is a popular example. Here the thorn needle fits into a chuck and is pushed across a trip of fine sandpaper as the chuck rotates.

Sharpeners for bamboo needles actually chop a slice off the end of the bamboo at an angle this producing a point that acts as a needle.

Other patent thorn needle sharpeners include the BCN sharpener, the EMG Davey “Rollright” and a few others.