Four Minute Wax Amberols

Four Minute Wax Amberols

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As a progression from the usual two minute variety of cylinders, which were too short for many arrangements of songs and music, phonograph cylinder makers, in about 1908, produced four minute which Edison referred to as “Amberols”. The longer format cylinder meant that phonographs had, initially, to be provided with a new gear-box and a different reproducer to play them. The Amberols lasted until 1912 when the much superior Blue Amberols were produced. The Amberols wee not a great success and were damaged very easily, however if used carefully they often play very well.
Here is a list of some of the Amberols I have in stock. All are in their original green cases and are in good condition.

I am selling these at £3 per cylinder plus p&p. Email me if any interest you

Four minute Amberols

Box One

The Girl in the Train                                                     NMB                                    E             12224

Hamlet                                                                             A. Osmond                         E             12049

Nazareth                                                                         P. Dawson                          E             12099

Pique Dame Ovt.                                                           ECB                                      E             336

Lead Kindly Light                                                           Knickerbocker Qrt            E             341

The Bay of Biscay                                                          E. Pike                                 E             12241

Old Comrades March                                                   US Marine Band               E             226

Characteristic N… medley                                           Peerless Qrt                       E             431`

Annie Laurie & Home Sweet Home                          Bells (Burckhardt)             E             327

Irish & Scotch melodies                                               Daab (Xylophone)             E             498

Light as a Feather                                                          Benzler (Bells)                   E             9

The Village Blacksmnith                                               P.Dawson                           E             12106

Holy Holy Holy                                                               Ed Mixed Qrt                     E             188

Gypsy Airs                                                                       Spalding (Violin)               E             290

Peek-a-Boo                                                                     W.Oakland                         E             651

Gloria (Mozart)                                                              Ed. Mixed Qrt                    E             516

Nancy Lee                                                                       P.Dawson                           E             12071

Sunshine in my Soul                                                     Ed Mixed Qrt                     E             483

Motor King March                                                        NY M Band                         E             449

Gary Owen medley                                                       Jaudas (violin)                   E             189

Medley of Country Dances                                         Jaudas (violin)                   E             322

The Bellringer                                                                 P. Dawson                          E             12047

A Few Short Stories                                                      M. Wilder                           E             54

Only a Pansy Blossom                                                  W. Oakland                        E             170  (x2)

The Wedding of Sandy McNab                                  H. Lauder                            E             12372

Box Two

Stick to your Mother                                                    W. Oakland                        E             783

Kukuska (Russian dance. Lehar )                               Sousa’s band                     E             474

The Thunderer & Gladiator marches                       Sousa’s Band                     E             404

Old Jim’s Christmas Hymn                                          Anthony & Harrison        E             398

The Star of Bethlehem                                                 E. Pike                                 E             12102

A day at West Point                                                      NY M Band                         E             412

Ring out the Bells for Christmas                                ECB & Qrt                           E             840

A Hunting Scene                                                            EMB                                     E             25

Just before the battle Mother                                   W. Oakland                        E             297

Bells of Christmas                                                          ECB & Chorus                    E             560

Roses bring Dreams of You                                        Am. Symp. Orch.              E             132

The Volunteer Organist                                               P. Dawson                          E             12015

Sweet Christmas Bells                                                  Pike & Dawson                 E             12100

Our Troops                                                                     NMB                                    E             12016