Four Minute “Amberols”

Four Minute “Amberols”

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Not to be confused with “Blue Amberols”, these early four minute cylinders were produced in the period around 1910 and were developed for customers who wanted more than the very short two minute cylinder recordings then available. Two minute recordings, which must have seemed magical at the time, were so short that music had to be re-written and performed so that they fitted into such a limited plying time. The “Amberols” were still made from wax and quickly became redundant as the more resilient celluloid Blue Amberols came along.
However there are many interesting recordings available on Amberols and these are often in good condition as they did not get much use!

4 Min. Amberols

Only a Pansy Blossom                                                     Oakland                                                               170

The Bellringer                                                                    P. Dawson                                                           12047

A few short stories                                                          Marshall Wilder                                                54

Casey Jones                                                                        Murray & Chorus                                             450

Our Troops                                                                         N. M. B.                                                                12016

Medley of Country Dances                                           Jaudas (Violin)                                                   322

Peek-a-Boo                                                                        Oakland & Chrous                                            651

Nancy Lee                                                                           P. Dawson                                                           12071

Characteristic Negro medley                                       Peerless Quartette                                          431

Just a wee Deoch-an-doris                                           Harry Lauder                                                      12469

Nazareth                                                                             P. Dawson                                                           12099

The Girl in the Train                                                         N. M. B.                                                                12224

Holy Holy Holy                                                                   Edison Mixed Quart.                                       188

Old Comrades March                                                      U.S. Marine Band                                             226

Lead Kindly light                                                                Knickerbocker Quart.                                     341

The Wedding of Sandy McNab                                   Harry Lauder                                                      12372

Hamlet                                                                                 A. Osmond                                                         12049

The Bay of Biscay                                                              E. Pike                                                                   12241

Farmyard Medley                                                            Prem. Quart.                                                      451

Gloria from 12th Mass                                                     Edison Mixed Quart.                                       516

Gypsy Airs                                                                           Spalding (Violin)                                               290

Garry Owen Medley                                                       Jaudas (Violin)                                                   189

Stick to your Mother Tom                                             W. Oakland                                                         783

Staunch & True                                                                 U.S Marine band                                              214

Sweet Christmas Bells                                                    Pike & Dawson                                                  12100

Light as a feather                                                             Benzler (Bells)                                                   9

I’m the man that buried Flanagan                             B. Williams                                                          12329

Ring out the bells for Christmas                                 Ed. Concert Band                                              840


The village Blacksmith                                                    P. Dawson                                                           12106

Sunshine of my soul;                                                       Ed. Mixed Quartet                                           483

Motor King March                                                            NY Mil. Band                                                      449

The volunteer Organist                                                  P.Dawson                                                            12015

Irish & Scots melodies                                                    Daab (Xylophone)                                           498

A hunting scene                                                                Ed. Mil. Band                                                      25

Seven favourite College songs                                    Knickerbocker Qrt.                                          153

Keep on toodling along                                                  B. Williams                                                          12448

Pique Dame Ovt.                                                              Ed. Concert Band                                              336

Our Troops                                                                         Nat,. Mil. Band                                                  12016

Stick to your Mother Tom                                             W. Oakland                                                         783

Bells of Christmas                                                            Ed. Convert Band                                             560

Roses brings dreams of you                                         Am. Symp. Orch.                                               132

Old Jim’s Christmas Hymn                                            Anthony & Harrison                                        398

Only a Pansy blossom                                                     Oakland & Chorus                                            170

The Thunderer Marches                                                Sousa’s Band                                                      404

Just before the battle Mother                                     Oakland & Chorus                                            297

The girl in the clogs & shawl                                        Florrie Forde                                                      12105

A day at West point                                                         N.Y Mil. Band                                                     412

Kuskusa (Russian dance)                                               Sousa’s Band                                                      474

The star of Bethlehem                                                   Ernest Pike                                                          12102

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