Edison “Standard” Phonograph

Edison “Standard” Phonograph

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Edison “Standard” Phonograph.

Thomas Edison produced the “Standard” phonograph in about 1898. The first design was known as the “Square Top”, but the more familiar design with the curved lid appeared in about 1901 and was the Model A. Initially the model A had an end-gate to support the mandrel and was fitted with a shaving device to enable the user to shave off an earlier recording and use the wax cylinder again. This idea did not work well as the motor was not strong enough to do this effectively and the idea was dropped in 1904.

This is the Standard model B from about 1905. It plays really well with a fully serviced model “C” two minute reproducer with a sapphire stylus. The horn is black with a brass flare.

The phonograph comes with two original two minute wax cylinders.
Carriage with DPD £30 (Next day) and with Hermes £15.

Price £385