Edison “Home” Phonograph.

Edison “Home” Phonograph.

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This is a very nice example of an Edison “Home” phonograph, Model A, from about 1903. This version has is fitted with combination gearing so is capable of playing two and four minute cylinders. An additional bonus is that it has a model “K” reproducer which is capable of playing both types of cylinder by rotating to present two types of stylus in the one reproducer.

The condition of the phonograph is very good and it plays well at both speeds. there is a later brass horn

This early model has the elaborate “banner” logo and the case is in “greened oak”. There is a shaver attachment to enable users to shave off some wax cylinders so that they could be used again for recording purposes. This device proved not to be a great success as the motors were rarely strong enough to perform the shaving process really well.

Price £475.00
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