Dulcetto Portable Gramophone

Dulcetto Portable Gramophone

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Another of the well known names of gramophones that appeared in the 1920s was Dulcetto. The origins of the name is not wholly clear, but appears to have been used by the British Polyphon Company. Christopher Proudfoot in his book “Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones” (That I refer to all the time!) says that Dulcetto gramophones ” had wide sales, but few noteworthy features.”, however I find that Dulcettos are often very interesting.

in this case the gramophone has an integral winder that doubles as the carry handle and there is a very “Art Deco” design to the motor-board underneath the turntable. In addition the auto-brake arrangement must be unique as a curious plate lifts up at the end of playing and applies the brake to the underside of the turntable. The extent of operation of this plate is a mystery to me!

The gramophone plays well with the original Dulcetto sound-box.

Price £150.00