Decca Style No.1A Portable Gramophone

Decca Style No.1A Portable Gramophone

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Here is a nice example of one of the early Decca portable gramophones from about 1917. The model No.1A. This example is quite rarity s it is in a blue case, the first coloured Decca I have seen from this period.

Decca made its reputation during the First WW as being the first really portable gramophone that could be taken to the front lines as entertainment for the troops and the Decca Company mounted a wide campaign with many cartoons showing their gramophones in action in the trenches. The earliest models were referred to as “Trench Models”. This term is often applied wrongly to later Decca gramophones as a sales gimmick, however this model 1A is of that period. Only a few companies used the “Reflex” sound-system in which the sound from the sound-box and tone arm is bounced back to the listener via a “Bowl-in-the-lid” instead of using a horn to amplify the vibrations. The results are surprisingly effective and the gramophone plays very well using an original “Dulcephone” sound-box. “Dulcephone” “was the name used in the early days pf the Decca Company.

The gramophone comes with 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required

Price £175.00 plus p&p