Columbia Portable Gramophone

Columbia Portable Gramophone

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In 1931 HMV and Columbia, the two biggest makers of gramophones were taken over by EMI. Several wind-up gramophones were produced after that and some strange combinations of fitments were tried out. The most popular portable at that time was probably the HMV Model 102 with its distinctive quality sound-box. This gramophone, called the Columbia Model 206 is a very close copy of the 102, with the same motor, winder and tone-arm but with a new Columbia sound-box, looking rather like the HMV 5A with a distinctive Columbia cover-plate. The Columbia needle cup is front right and there is a circular plaque in the lid with the Columbia logo.

The gramophone plays really well and is in very good condition.

Price £185

Carriage by DPD is £25 and with Hermes £15