Columbia Portable Gramophone

Columbia Portable Gramophone

Created by John Sleep on Thursday 6th of December 2018 11:34:28 PM

Here is a nice straightforward portable gramophone from the Columbia Gramophone Company made in about 1928. The model 112.

Columbia gramophones are not as popular as HMV models, but are well made and perform just as well. In fact many of the features of Columbia machines are better made and more reliable than their HMV equivalents. When HMV and Columbia were amalgamated by EMI in 1931 many of the gramophones made after that time used the tried and tested Columbia components.

In general Columbia gramophones are cheaper than equivalent HMV models and can be a good buy.

The model 112 is easy to use and is an ideal  workhorse to try out your collection of 78s or as an interesting present. The gramophone comes with 100 needles and a  small selection  of 78s if required.


Original Columbia soundbox in very good condition

                                                                                              Price £95

                                      Delivery for the machine by DPD (next day) £25 and by “My Hermes” £15