“Beltona” Portable Gramophone

“Beltona” Portable Gramophone

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Here is an unusual early portable gramophone advertised and marketed in about 1920 by The Murdoch Trading Company, Clerkenwell Road, London. The gramophone was probably made in Switzerland.

Several models of “Beltona” were available in the early 1920s and they were well made and of interesting design as in this model where the tone arm leads to the back of the case and sound exits through a rotating wooden flap in the lid. The wooden case is in good condition and the gramophone plays well with the original sound-box,.The writing behind the mica diaphragm refers to “..the sweetest sound..” which phrase is also used in Murdoch’s adverts.

Price £170 plus carriage.

Includes 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required