Andrew Gasiorowski

Author: Andrew Gasiorowski

Replacement backs for HMV 5A/5B/ No.4 sound-boxes


Increasingly HMV gramophones from the 1930s are turning up with 5A or 5B sound-boxes that have suffered damage due to the alloys used in their construction. These alloys , known as “Mazac” or “Potmetal” tend to swell with age and damage occurs, especially around the locating pin where the sound-box is attached to the tone-arm. […]

Jazz and Swing Records

Louis Armstrong

I have (probably) the largest collection of Jazz, Swing and Dance recordings on 78s available for sale in the South West. With names like Louis Armstrong, Bunk Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw and lesser known, but excellent, recording artists like Wingy Manone, Mezz Mezzrow, Sydney Bechet, Eddie Lang and Joe […]