"Gramophone Company "Pygmy Grand"" .


One of the classic gramophones made by the Gramophone Company (HMV) in 1909 was the "Pygmy Grand", the company' first "Hornless" gramophone. It was designed to be more compact that the previous horned models but was not really portable.

There is a single spring motor a 10" turntable and simple internal wooden horn exiting with a brass grille with bass and treble clef motifs. There is an Exhibition sound-box. The back-bracket and tone arm are easily removed so that the gramophone, costing £5 10 shillings, could be more easily carried in a carry case that was available as an optional extra at £7.

pygmy. pygmy.

This is a very collectable, and quite rare gramophone. It plays well and is in very good condition. This model is in a satinwood case.


Price: £375

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