HMV Model 102 Portable

HMV Model 102 Portable

Created by John Sleep on Wednesday 6th of February 2019 12:07:02 PM

Here is a good example of the HMV Model 102 portable from about 1931 and in a blue case.

The HMV 102 gramophones are the most sought after portable at the moment and they play very well using the much admired Model 5A, 5B or No.16 sound-box. In this case the sound-box is a 5B in very good condition. As is often the situation with coloured versions of the 102, the outside of the case shows signs of wear over its 80 plus years of life but the condition of the chrome plating is better than average in this example. There are some needle marks on the turntable felt.

The single spring motor has been serviced and runs smoothly and the auto-brake, sometimes a problem with HMV portables, operates correctly.
The carry handle has been replaced with an exact replica.

Price £220

Delivery with DPD is £25 and with Hermes £15