Columbia Model 112A Portable

Columbia Model 112A Portable

Created by John Sleep on Monday 4th of February 2019 08:43:28 PM

HMV and Columbia gramophones were the main producers of gramophones from 1900 until they amalgamated to become EMI in 1931. HMV had taken ownership of the term “Gramophone” for its machines so other companies had to invent other names for their music machines. Columbia used the term “Graphonola”

HMV gramophones , mainly because of the “Nipper” dog logo, have always been the more collected, but in many respects Columbia machines are better made and play equally well.

This is a nice example of the model 112A from the mid 1920s. It has a single spring Garrard motor and very good No.9 soundbox. The overall condition is very good. As with most Columbia portables, there is an intergral winder at the front that can be folded away after use. The 112A has a rack in the lid to hold a small collection of 78s.

Price £120.00

Delivery with DPD (Next day) is £25 and with Hermes £15. The deal includes 100 needles and a small selection of 78s if required.