Columbia Horned Gramophone

Columbia Horned Gramophone

Created by John Sleep on Tuesday 8th of January 2019 08:41:26 PM

Here is an interesting early Columbia “Disc Graphophone” from about 1908. The Columbia Company used the term Graphophone for their machines as the term “Gramophone” could be used only by “The Gramophone Company” later known as HMV.
This small gramophone has been restored from a very dilapidated condition and a replacement motor has been fitted. I have waited for a long time to match the base with an original Columbia horn as the machine has the original threaded connection in the elbow.

This Graphophone is probably an example of the “Royal” model and is an early form as the tone arm has the so-called “Analyzing” reproducer fitted with a needle screw. Later versions had a patented spring clip to hold the needle in place.

The oak case has elaborate moulding on the edges and the Columbia logo at the front is reasonably legible.

The Columbia horn in blue with gold trim is in original condition.

The gramophone has been reserved