""Alfresco" Portable Gramophone" .


Here is a really interesting, and possibly rare, small gramophone.

The "Alfresco" portable gramophone. (From the article by Christopher Proudfoot in edition 29 of the CLPGS magazine "For the Record".)

In 1912 Blum & Co. of 220 Old Street, London, offered for sale the "Alfresco" gramophone also referred to as the "Picnic Compact". It was very compact measuring just 11 x 11 x 5.5 inches. It achieved its small size by making the elbow and tone arm a removable unit which fitted into a shallow housing on the outside of the case for playing and sliding into the internal horn space when not. It is probably the first black rexene covered portable ever sold.

The case has a carry handle at the back and the lid locks with a key that is still, present. Locking the case is quite important as oltherwise when the gramophone is picked up, the components stored inside would fall out!

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Price: £ 150.

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