I am a Cornish trader who specializes in vintage gramophones and phonographs. Whether you would like you like to purchase, sell or have your machine professionally restored, look no further. I can supply records, cylinders and accessories for your vintage device.

My workshop is based in my home and you are more than welcome to come and visit my workshop in West Pentire. It is recommended to contact me in advanced to arrange a site visit.


I am able to undertake repairs to a number of different gramophone sound-boxes. I have replacement gaskets for HMV No.4 sound-boxes in stock. I also have unused old stocks of mica and aluminium diaphragms. In addition I have a number of re-conditioned replacement sound-boxes with prices from £25.

I am now stocking newly designed replacement back-plates for HMV No.5 and No.4 sound-boxes.

I can also supply new gramophone needles of various types including some fibre thorn needles. For details of these and how to order needles, please click here. I also have a number of unused old stock of gramophone mainsprings. Details on request.

Important: Vintage Gramophones play 78 rpm records only and cannot play “vinyl”

The more I deal in these vintage machines,. the more  concerned I am that they cannot be judged by modern standards and collectors should always be aware that many of the earliest ones should be used with care and on special occasions only. If they are to be used regularly it might be best to find one of the later models, say from the 1930s and after. Also a collector must be prepared to tinker with the machine to get the best results. The three key rules are:

  1. Wind the motor fully
  2. Use a new needle, preferable not thicker than a “soft tone” needle
  3. Make sure the record is clean. Dirty or worn records can slow down or even stop the motor .